Negative impact on smartphone

I have to admit I'm not a smart phone fan, and never thought that smartphone will add any benefits to my daily life. My old Nokia mobile phone serves me well, all I need is to make and receive calls and more than send text messages.

Recently, I was influenced by my friend and told my old mobile phone and switched to Apple iPhone and I noticed that I have less time than before since I constantly remembered updates that are ready to download for mobile . I also talk to my friends less often when we go out because we are all busy doing things with our mobile phones.

Every day while I wait for my daughter on the school side, we see many parents, all that's not talking and the head is doing one that's playing with their phone, I do not understand what's up to us busy with our mobile phones or is it addiction to find out what's there, even if we do not need it.

Now I understand why iPhone users are very busy, I discovered there are more than 26000 applications to download free or buy for iPhone alone. That means you need 72 years to test them all, one application every day. It's not every week, articles in a local newspaper are trying to explain what we can do with our iPhone.

Before using my old cell phone, I needed extra to make sure that my spelling of words I wrote is correct, now my smartphone is taking care of it by automatically correcting my spelling.

My kids want to play with all the games available to those on the phone, especially the iPhone, behind the car when they go home from school, my daughter quietly read a book with the iPhone where she wants to play games.

Smartphones helped us connect to others but not interact with them. We talk now and text each other more.

I remember listening to a radio interview on the BBC world with a Canadian company that was in charge of four successful companies; to surprise me that he was not using Blackberry to manage his daily business. He said "unable to respond quickly has helped him to think long before he takes action." He also said, "If I were a Blackberry user, I will receive an email and I need to respond locally and this might not be good."

I realized that if we understand it in the phone to do everything for us then we will start losing our intelligence and ability to think and this is a negative impact on smartphone.

Source by Kate Jhon

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