Navigate the cable and netland on your TV with your smartphone

It's amazing how much our technology on the go has interconnected in our daily lives at home too. There are a number of things you can do with your smartphone, iPad, iTouch or iPhone now to control electronics at your home, such as a telecommunications device for your TV. The latest technology allows even voice commands.

One of these new ones on the move that accompanies the TV viewing platform created by ActiveVideo enables you to control your favorite TV shows. This new platform works through applications such as Siri Personal Assistant over its CloudTV platform, enabling the user to use the phone to browse and search the TV episode with voice. Even cable operators, who had looked at previous types of voice-enabled technology, showed renewed interest.

There are already programs that allow you to control the TV on your smartphone by clicking the buttons on your iPhone or Android devices. Apple TV provides interactive applications for managing your TV with iPhone, iTouch or iPad. There are also the devices on Google TV such as Blu-ray players and smart TVs that respond with applications on the phone.

There are also video game consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3 networks. Not only can you watch movies through Netflix, but there are new programs that will also let you communicate with your regular TV screen as well as additional actions. Xbox already features content like Fox, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. These gaming devices are sure to feature more and more content. Most of these devices also have remote applications available.

Even the cable companies have content on the TV that you can watch on your go, like iPhone or streaming your home TV. The ability of new smartphones to connect to smartphones is revolutionizing how we watch TV. More and more content comes through our broadband internet instead of a standard satellite or cable TV. Comcast recently launched Anyplay Live TV for the Apple iPad. Time Warner also has a similar iPad app for streaming TV.

There is no doubt that we make smart phones and on the move devices like netbooks and tablets part of our lives that these devices will also receive our home electronics as well. Consumers like being able to control everything from one device and new field of technology allow us to do exactly that. With amazing new talents like voice controls, who knows what the next smart technology will lead us.

Source by Archie Harris

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