Native American Art Galleries

Music and art have been an important part of Indian culture. Native Americans have used art as an expression for thousands of years. Most of the natural arts consist of symbols of animals and humans. These symbols were made of different materials such as stones, feathers, cloth, clay and fabric. Native America consisted of several tribes, which were and are still today, famous for their own artwork. For example, hand woven blankets are considered an important element in the Navajo tribe that they are well known for. Native Americans loved to shape different animal symbols such as walruses, eagles and berries. Walruses were mostly cut out of whale teeth where the eagle and bear were cut out of the mountain. These various types of native American art are displayed in a number of native American art galleries all over the United States and other places.

Native American art galleries feature the most popular native American artists who are highly skilled in a design list that reflects their custom and ancestral roots. These art galleries show first and foremost nations and Inuit art by displaying works by artists such as Norval Morrisseau and Daphne Odjig, to name a few. Woven basket and totem poles are also two main types of native American art found in most Native American art galleries. Woven baskets have a very interesting tribe pattern that makes them beautiful artwork that can also be used to store fruits and vegetables. Totem poles have been considered a symbol of native American heritage and play an important role in the art of their culture. These poles are tall wooden sculptures that represent generations of family members including people's and animals' faces. There are also various sculptures, jade carvings and Navajo jewelry found in these art galleries along with other beautiful crafts, such as ceramics, masks, drums and cedar cuttings and whale bones.

Since native american art also contains Indian art and is considered very powerful, most of this art can not be found in American art galleries or stores. They are only found in Native American art galleries, which specialize in displaying native american art.

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