My Professional Opinion on Smartphone Credit Card Payment Technology

My initial observations and opinions on using a smartphone.

We've set up our customers with equipment that allows them to approve NFC (more communication) for business for more than a year. This is a technology that allows customers to use their smartphone to pay credit cards. Over time, I've done some interesting reviews by talking with our clients about the approval of NFC technology, both with the company owner and customer.

By the end of 2013, when we first started using credit card exchanges that were EMV and NFC enabled typical customers, & # 39; The reaction was "What do I need?" We take the time to explain the EMV rule that would take effect in October 2015 and the possibility of payment intermediation through a smartphone in the future. Finally, we were "future response" their equipment requirements. We were making sure that they were ready for the changes we could see in credit card transactions.

Many of our customers were delighted when customers would sometimes use their Android ™ phone to pay with Google Wallet ™, but initially the usage was minimal. Although they understood that a new rule would be to prevent chip chip usage, most failed to resort to potential smartphone payments.

Enter Apple Pay ™.

In 2014, rumors argued that Apple ™ has taken part in a pay-per-action smartphone when iPhone 6 ™ is released. The buzz among Android ™ users seemed to grow. After all, each of these forums has the following and their critics. You are either an Apple ™ fan or an Android ™ fan and that's just how the world is. According to our customers, Android ™ users seemed to increase their use of smartphone payment technology, though still minimal in the overall structure of the items. There was still no big deal in the eyes of many customers.

When Apple ™ finally launched a new venue in October 2014, all payment industries identified the impact of Apple Pay ™ on future credit cards. Some points to sales networks and independent terminals that could be approved by Apple Pay ™ were already available to companies in America. Many of our customers who had not yet made the switch started calling to ask if their terminals could take new technology. Those who already existed saw another increase in interest rates on behalf of customers.

One customer, a zoo who had updated the device a year ago, raved about utility when taking smartphone payments. He thanked us for upgrading him free of charge a year ago and told us that simply offering a smartphone payment method would have increased his customer base.

In my opinion, the approval and use of this technology will grow exponentially in the coming months as companies upgrade their credit card machines. As more smartphone users upgrade to new technologies (usually over a two year anniversary), more potential customers in the market are using new technologies. It is only sensible that this payment method will grow and potentially even many customers will choose a payment in the future.

In my opinion, it is wise to make it as easy as possible for customers to give their money to you. Trends show that customers are beginning to adopt new technology and want to use their smartphone as a mobile wallet. After all, giving customers more ways they can give you money can be a great way to increase revenue.

Source by Edwin T. Cornia

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