My experience with iPhone battery life

The iPhone is perfect for sexy, easy-to-use, wide multi-touch screen, powerful functional capability, and incomparable storage capacity. In general, it is really very invincible in the smartphone world. However, every baby has black, and the iPhone is no exception. Can you find out which part I will choose? This is the iPhone battery life.

Although the battery life of the iPhone 3GS has improved much on previous iPhones, life time is still very short for iPhone users. Here is my experience of my iPhone battery. Every night I filled my phone after I pulled myself out of the office. He was as thirsty and hungry as I was. I filled it all night before I went to work with me. Then the next day, my iPhone is to receive and reply to my e-mail, browse web pages, make phone calls, check calendar and play 3D in my free time. I thought these performances did not bring a lot of price, but in fact battery life slipped a little. When it was time to let go of my job, it was almost my energy, so that's my iPhone battery. There seemed to be little power left. This phenomenon has long been embarrassed because there is no useful measure to solve the problem.

I've been surfing with the Internet, is there any methods I can use. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks about the iPhone battery in my nose. I read them one by one. Then a comment was excited. The title includes a comprehensive 14 battery-saving tips for the iPhone. Found on The most comfortable thing about this article is, I can download it as a PDF for free. I've stored my iPhone and sometimes I checked it when I want to save the iPhone. The tips in this article are very informative. It tells you how to keep the iPhone battery, turn on the power you need, and turn off those you do not need.
Here are some practical suggestions from my perspective.

first Avoid direct sunlight. Too hot is too bad for the battery. When the heat is over, some batteries in the battery will be destroyed and the battery life will be short.
2. Use it until it is fully charged. When you start using iPhone during charging, the charging cycle will be slower and the iPhone will be hot. Harmful to the condition.
3. Turn off those you do not need many times. For example, flickering games, EQ, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and the like. If you use them, turn them off whenever possible.
4. Change some settings. Set Auto Lockout for 1 minute, change Fetch Time at short intervals, turn on automatic brightness, and let the phone adjust the brightness itself.

I'm doing these tricks on my iPhone and, consequently, the battery life of the iPhone has lasted longer. One more thing is that if you pay close attention to the trivial parts of your iPhone settings, you can do more on the iPhone.

Source by Daisy Chen

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