Must-Have Health and Fitness Smartphone Apps

Health and fitness professionals who have a weak knee for technology have reason to celebrate! These days it seems to be a smartphone app for almost anything, including personal training, nutrition and tracking medical records.

We've done the research and found the best healthcare program for iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android. These programs make exercise fun, calorie counting easier and medical research clicks.

Training Apps

The iPump series for iPhone is set of five applications designed to make Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Stomach and Nuclear Exercise and ECG easy.

BlackBerry's iFitness app has images and instructions for more than 230 exercises targeting different areas of the body. The program also has features for signing up for workouts, creating custom workouts and setting goals.

GymTechnik for Android is a great app that takes users through workout, using checklist, but statistics to help set goals and so much more!

Exercise Survey and Appointment Apps

iPhone lovers seek an easy way to track their workout and set goals do not look beyond Pocket Coach . This very powerful and fun instant app has daily exercises, audience groups, accountability reports, push notifications and even suggested reading material.

The Total Fitness BlackBerry application is The perfect way to practice workouts, track chart abilities, view reports, watch animations and instructions, and even monitor nutrition.

Android users should download the WorkItOut app so that they can start signing up for a workout, schedule, and see their progress.

Running Apps

LogYourRun is a running program complete with maps and elevation. It also has the ability to upload workout information on the company's website to present information about operations as a graph. Users can share their data on Facebook and Twitter and can even get updates automatically sent to Twitter while they are running. The app also includes training programs, heart rate and playlists.

For BlackBerry and Android fans, SportyPal is a king in running applications. Users of this app can view their workouts on a map, set goals, share their progress on Facebook and Twitter, see their progress on photos and more. This feature package can also be used for walking, cycling and even rollerblading.

Nutrition Tracking Apps

Using an amazing and almost remarkable app called FoodScanner users can actually use the camera on iPhone to scan UPC code for food to get nutritional information about food.

BlackBerry users can use Calorie Counter to find nutritional information about foods, keep dietary diaries, watch daily activity to see burn calories and watch what they are eating.

Calorie Counter for Google Android is a great app to find nutritional value of foods by searching for the name of food, name of restaurant, grocery name and even restaurant name. Like the iPhone application, this app also allows users to scan UPC barcode with the camera on the phone and find nutrition information quickly.

First Aid Apps

iPhone users can get peace of mind when they download Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association . This app has instructions for emergency operations, first aid, and so much more.

The Complete Home Service The BlackBerry Application Prepares Users and Their Trainer on How To Treat Toxins, Heart Attacks The first help Android app does the same as following the pictures, illustrated instructions, and places to to finish the surface. store emergency numbers.

Medical History Apps

Imagine sitting at the doctor's office and having your medical history right fingers. The Family Care app for iPhone makes it possible.

BlackBerry users can download My Family My Family app and keep up with almost the same information, so your doctor can visit well and be successful.

The Motion Phr Health Record Manager is ideal for Android users to look for ways to maintain server history, conditions, family history, immunization and more convenient and easy to find.

Medical Resources

The WebMD Mobile The iPhone app is the ultimate career for medical issues. Users can investigate symptoms, cheeks for potential interactions, and get first aid guidelines.

BlackBerry users can use Medscape to investigate medicines and potential interactions and additions. The app also provides medical news.

Skyscape is a great resource for Android fans looking for ways to find medical information.

Health Care is constantly evolving and becoming more and more advanced as technology pushes industry to a new level and patients get more information right at your fingertips.

My universities and career counselors are great resources for people interested in studying medical education.

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