Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro XJ 3800 Detergent Review

I own a 1100 sq ft security office in Houston. We are located at the intersection of two busy highways, and are in a gym, between a beauty salon and a high-speed hair salon. Air quality is not so great so I run cleaners 24/7.

We had to change a single dishwasher and choose the Multi-Tech Intell-Pro XJ 3800 after reading a few reviews and compare prices. The XJ 3800 has a list price of $ 299, but I found one online for $ 213 delivered, including a HEPA filter and UV light bulbs.

The unit is rated for 600 sq ft but we have another type of unit running. Two units together do a very good job. The Intelli-Pro cleaner is very high technology and features 7 levels of air cleaning. These include laundry for filter, electrostatic wash, carbon filter, HEPA filter, TiO2 filter, radiation light and ions. This is a state of the art and quite effective. The fan has 4 points and is only slightly loud at the highest speed. It is also an automatic feature as the unit worsens when the air is dirty and then slows down when the air is cleaner. The filters have a good life span and the replacement cost is about $ 44 to change HEPA filter and UV light bulb. The XJ 3800 also has indicators that show how dirty the air is and when individual filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

I think these cleaners are of great value for a small office or for home use. All I do not like is cleaning and maintenance is quite complicated (do not discard the manual because you must learn to maintain the unit!).

Source by Glenn Lamb

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