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Protect yourself and defend your life-threatening condition

Imagine waking up and pointing to an unknown person who was going to make God know what you mean.

Imagine someone you love missing and do not know where they are or what's happening.

How the Hall of Fame Martial Artist and professional bodyguard founded specialized self-defense that teaches someone to be able to block and prevent attack on them or potentially fight 99% of the time. A unique life-tested and effective system for the modern man, the woman and the child for unpredictable streets today.

Is it uneasy or nervous every time you look at the news or open the newspaper and learn about other sensible attacks or carjacking?

Did you know that, according to the FBI, there were 724,149 worsening attacks in 2013? It's one in 43 seconds.

Do you think twice about going out at night or worrying about being alone in your car?

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secrets that are inside could protect your life forever.

My name is Jermaine Andre, and I love to punish those who own it. I told you that!

Indeed, I love to teach others how to turn a role when predators come after them and make the predator the victim. Especially those who find rape, home invasion, car, mutilation, hurt others, etc. OK to do.

Unfortunately, life was not always a pleasure.

In fact, it was NIGHTMARE!

"How did I get out of the dead track Mixed Martial Arts fighter to the world's famous self-defense and privacy expert?"

My struggle went well and I traveled the world to countries that did not even speak my language and fought their native. It was at that time that mixed martial arts were still banned in almost all states and the pennies were the pennies compared to what it is like today. So while I was enjoying the profession as a fighter, I was also a dead lane and often did not know how I was going to get to my next scheduled fight.

So I started working as a bouncer and guards because everyone knew I was strong and could block most drunk brawlers in clubs. The problem with that is that I am also at risk of injury and it was a little pleasure to hurt someone who could drink too much or be angry with boyfriend and dozens of other minor reasons.

Therefore, I developed numerous technologies to passively scattered circumstances and to protect me, and innocent patrons of clubs. Even though my system was tried and used successfully on many and other bouncers and security media that I coached personally. I was still dumbfounded though why I was dead broke and could not even afford to fix my car.

"I refused to accept the belief that victims are just victims and they can not protect themselves." 19659002] One day I was asked to come to police stations and have a conversation with the police chief. Since there were some hardcore events in my background, I was a little worried about how the conversation would go. I was well established in the MMA professional world and even the world bouncing and guards but not police. The police were similar but different.

When I met the chief I was ECSTATIC with what he wanted!

What was the word he said to me?

"Jermaine, I want you to show you a self-defense technique for my detective and I. I've heard so much about how well they work for bouncer and guards."

I die in the show like fish in water! I demonstrated to the chief and private detective how easily and safely they could resist them, and then I showed them how to quickly take out an attacker. It was after finding that I had resolved my biggest fight and knew how to protect thousands more than just the patrons in the company.

"Here's Exactly What I Did To Support Thousands Of People Who Can Protect

I created a simple yet extremely effective self-defense system developed in real-world places in bars and clubs, as well as a huge mixed combatist struggle.

This is different from what you've ever seen before. The reason is that it's not a complicated filmmaking that only talented athletes can do. This system will shut down 98% of any attacks against you and it's designed so that women or children can use this skill and block an attack on whether it is a murder, rape or abduction.

"This is cold hard. Verify that my specialized self-defense system is recognized nationally as a simple protection system and how it can reduce the risk of 98% attack. "

" The application is the most important part of all martial arts or defense systems! "Bruce Lee himself said this and Muay Thai Sprawl has been tested WORLD WIDE with me personally in the ring, cage and deadly streets as a guards. It has also been attempted to succeed for others in the field of bouncers, bodyguards, policemen, businessmen and Women I Have Trained!

My fate in life has always been EDGE! When I was down and it seemed like everything was working against me, EDGE drew me out! And when things are going well for me EDGE helps me in a way beyond what I've dreamed about. My expertise in EDGE has allowed me to shape it. It's time for me to pass this knowledge through you through martial arts and physical education. I know you can do that because of it. I did it. "-Jermaine

ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association) Certified Member

I am a certified member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), the IMAC International Martial Arts Council of America, and is a trained and certified security and law enforcement policy and protocol. Supervisor certification includes proper use of power, controlled force, protection, security, weapons impact, arms arrest, weapons, reporting and design.

Fear, chaos and violence are all situations that may arise at the moment and quickly rise to life and death. My life experience has allowed me to understand the formula in response to this situation when most people who are not properly prepared lay naturally.

I have over 15 years in the field of security and body protection prominent customers and venues. My experience in this field has strengthened me with a realistic experience of great living and living conditions. It was in the security area that I have been well-known in the true sense of awareness and the difference between fighting technology needed to compete in the field and privacy in the streets and at home.

Thanks to my life experience and professional MMA battles and training, I'm very capable of creating as real and like conditions to train everyday people. Furthermore, my informative personal and tactical experience in the roadmap brings the attention of many participants, from the most timid to overly overcrowded, so that all those involved in my workflow are in process from beginning to end.

My goal of the training program is to provide proper self-confidence, thought patterns and tactical technology that enable participants to respond both reliably and in a final manner.

I received July 22, 2012 as the first Mixed Martial Arts Master

I have published 14 books. My passion is to teach others about personal self-esteem, personal protection and compassion with others.

I have published 14 books. True lessons await readers from the man who shows no threat to seek, find and show reality!

I work closely with local law enforcement to further enhance their skills and make sure they are safe on the streets and can keep the conversations safe.

With my Impact Security company and personal personal protection, I've personally protected celebrities and I consult and train other security guards on how to keep their customers safe.

19 Ways "Muay Thai Sprawl Self Defense System" can protect you and your loved ones.

Here are just some of the benefits of the secret self-defense system.

You will learn the proper awareness so that you can close an attack 98% of the time before it happens. Page 7

Learn 3 requirements that an attacker needs to succeed so that you hold a radar attacker. Page 8

Learn the most important asset you can control, so the attacker is not self-sufficient to even test you. Page 10

Learn How to Attack Your Feet Thus, you have more choices, defenses and escape if necessary. Page 16

Developing knowledge and skills of different methods So you know how to protect yourself in closed and open spaces. Page 20

Developing knowledge and skills of different methods So you know how to protect yourself in different areas and surfaces. Page 23

Going to the ground on the streets can lead to injuries of stones, glass, ground and stop escape options. Thus, you will learn how to be on the ground. Page 20

Learn the art and science of Sucker Punch So you will not be a victim of it. Page 13

Learn 5 different martial arts So you know the skills you can use to land, block or prevent attacks. Page 14

Leave these battles so you can tell what technology your foe is trying to use on you. Page 15

Learn Which Approach Is The Most Effective Thus, you can deliver fractures of striking technology, allowing mobile footwork to retreat, avoid and prevent being taken to the ground. Page 16

Learn what technology is IMPORTANT but neglected to keep you safe from attack. Page 25

Learn the simplest, most admirable course to fully let the attacker out of focus on this area of ​​the body. Page 42

Learn a strike that even a 7 year old can effectively use to prevent abduction and will work every time when done. Page 41

Learn This Grab Escape However, regardless of how strong you are, you can escape from the catch. Page 52

Deserve a Vision Vision Vision So you can spot the attacker's potential far away and well before approaching you even remotely. Page 7

Learn 2 Simple Movements This way you can not get to the ground or pick up and move. Page 54

Learn the Right Way to Fall SO If you end up on the ground, do not hit your head or hurt yourself seriously or miss yourself. Page 56

Learn to deal with geothermal technology just if you're taken to earth. These methods are so successful that they are banned from MMA sports games. Page 53

"Here are real lifeguards who are sure to drive one, take their family out in the evening and feel comfortable going on their vehicles."

"I met Jermaine almost 20 years ago and so grateful for the strength he came to mind, action and body. After his self-defense, I've found myself making the decisions, honesty and courage he taught me through doctoral studies and current career in research.

I'm strong in life and knowing that women attacking women are cherished who do not want to fight - women are qualified and owe our family the honor to learn how to fight. "

Day As a teenager, I was determined to become an FBI agent to prevent trafficking so my parents were looking in an area that was high and low for coaches that they could rely on to prepare for the worst! Before I knew, I was not only in the Academy of Jermaine Andre but in his personal training program.

Mr. Others thought of me and athleticism to the extent that I have never imagined I could achieve! Now that I finish the criminal law and the law school, I know I'm already ready to take down the worst of the worst people in any dark swimming! Now I take care of everyone who chooses to hurry on others to fear me because I'm locked, loaded and ready to take you down! "

" I started practicing under Jermaine Andre "with an intention to get fit. I was a little surprised that he definitely used a truly real mixed martial arts to get me in the best form of my life. , speed, power, and even noting that I was impressing people with the martial arts I was showing. "How the heel did this!" "I thought of myself when I had to notice that I was becoming a fighter with true skills like guys I've seen in the movies! "

It really started to increase my confidence so I decided to take a stronger step in the martial arts trip and register with Jermaine Andre National Prosecutor. I competed in the NAGA National Grappling tournament, something I have never dreamed of! Now I have my daughter and my wife signed up at Jermaine Andre's school and we believe all safe and secure at home and on the streets. And we enjoy using their martial arts system to be physically and mentally. "

" I met Jermaine Andre "as a model for the fashion design of the company. I was surprised when one of the demands he gave for the model was that we had to complete the awareness and self-defense of women with him. Never before had it been claimed what jobs or activities I had applied. I appreciated his efforts and thought so that I became more interested in becoming part of his team.

I participated in a free workshop and was surprised by what he taught me I could not believe how simple he did to live for a woman against a possible offender and how much he could do for a woman to destroy someone who chose to hurry on her! This got more interest so I went to school Jermaine Andre. as I learned MMA & Muay Thai from him. I became so convinced of what I was learning that I decided to join Jermai ne Another group of women bodyguards. This training opened my mind and my heart even more about the true positive power women can have in today's world. All of this training I received from Jermaine Andre watched my consciousness all the while my body was forced in the best shape she has ever been in!

And the training I got everything just happened in time because my skills were being tested for real! Attack came to me on the streets of St. Louis MO but it was not a man or a woman ... It was an Akitta dog! Thanks to the battle and grave I learned from Jermaine Andre, I was able to fight the dog instead of simply hoping that he would stop his attack. Now that I'm performing in my life as a medical engineer, I know that the invalidity of my privacy is filled and ready when needed! "

" As a married, working mom with two children, I could not & # 39; I always find the time or energy that I needed to keep fit. But I could not allow this to happen when I'm moving and moving to people I was. It was time to take a big step towards a match. My friend said, "Let's try this program", and I immediately realized that this was exactly the gym I had searched for.

I joined the Diva Fit program at Jermaine Andre Academy and before I knew I went 40 lbs! But that was not the biggest win I got! I also developed the ability to punch, kick, throw and defend me like I've never thought of myself! I could lead my foot from the ground to some head without being burdened! I even developed to the extent that I can put on gloves and headsets and savings without hesitation. Never had I imagined myself in these places. Now that we walk on the streets or go to the shopping center with the children, we are all more aware of our environment and feel prepared to deal with everyone who crosses the line with us. We now have tools (hands, feet, knees and minds) that we can use to protect us anytime! "

" Learning to fight but not thinking and training my body but not my mind has always been Highly powerless with my fitness training, before joining the Academy of Jermaine Andre!

Since ten years I have been involved in Wrestling, Taekwondo, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Long Distance Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Crossfit. All these programs were very exciting and inspired. However, I could not commit to any of them for more than six months. I've really become Jack of All Trades and the Master of None. I was so excited to start each of these exercises, only to lose interest in time. I now realize that while my body got a lot of training, my mind had a very limited stimulation. This eventually resulted in suffering, lack of interest and little motivation.

Since I joined Jermaine Andre in 2012, I have finally discovered training that stimulates my mind and my body. I learn a combination of many self-defense techniques, how to execute them properly, how to monitor my body, how to stand my mind, self-defense, respect, world conservation, and how to respond to stress. The training I received from Jermaine has helped me to focus on the workplace, calm in my personal life and increase my self-awareness incredibly.

I'm proud to say that after three years of training, I'm just as excited to be a member of the Academy of Jermaine Andre as well as when I first went! In some ways, I'm even more motivated because the more I train, the more skills and technology I get. I'm still Jack of All Trades, but with the help of Jermaine Andre and Andreas Academy, I've definitely become a master in my mind and body. "

Best regards, David T. Swyers

Now you get the EXACT Fast and simple 1-2-3 system that thousands of others have used to protect themselves and their loved ones from attackers.

Muay Thai Sprawl The self-defense system is designed so that average citizens can safely and effectively. While some people choose to rely on self-esteem of physical activity and it is possible, the reality is that many situations where someone has become a victim could have been avoided by using self-defense technology

Within my Muay Thai Sprawl self-defense system, you must learn the powerful aspects I'm talking about along with many other important factors.

Module 1: Awareness / Preparedness

You will learn what The claims of a criminal needs an attack to happen and how you can easily eliminate the opportunity for attack man even if you pass the information and requirements of the attacker. It's so easy to program your mind to look for certain situations that could lead to potential attacks and it takes only 10 minutes to get to grips.

You can make your body more than you can imagine and it all starts with simple thinking in your head. You must learn to concentrate on ordering your body to succeed.

The first and most important lesson you will learn is to take control of your mind. Every kick, punch, block and movement is a continuation of thought in your mind. If you do not think correctly, your body will not respond correctly.

Mostly, this is only invaluable and we could not possibly even set prices on it, because it's important to keep you safe. What you learn in this unit alone can be the difference between life or death. It is so important.

Module 2: Art & Science of the Sucker Punch

Although the suicide has a famous reputation that is largely derived from many voters who choose to make it the main weapon in its arsenal, it offers positive aspects when Use it for self-defense during an imminent attack.

In this module, you must learn simple action to prevent suicide. Understand how the distance and space can prevent and give you the opportunity to attack when it is threatened with attacks. You must learn 5 different battles and what options you need to defend yourself when you are in these 5 areas.

Module 3: Movement / Stance

Learning and understanding the different situations and movements of your attacker or foe can fancy you with the power to predict your foes's movements simply with the view he takes. You must learn how to read the other person and what attitude you should take to protect and protect yourself.

Shutdown is one of the most important but neglected factors in modern self-defense training. It must be bored in the brain that blocking is the most important factor in self-defense.

You will learn how to prevent attacks so you are not vulnerable to invisible attacks that balance you. [19659002] Many attacks or conflicts can land on the ground, but everyone begins. You will learn how to succeed with transportation and temporary release of saved and alcoholic energy. Properly moving energy from the body to your foe's body is what causes damage to your attacker. This is what is called an effective "strike" and allows you time to evade and escape if necessary.

Do this wrong and you can seriously damage your hand or wrist. Use these strikes correctly and reduce the risk of being at 0% risk.

Module 6: Self Defense Grab Escapes

In module 6, you will learn 6 most important releases when someone tries to catch you. These are real simple catch escapes that are effective on larger and strong offenders as well as some of your own size. You do not have to be a great person to use this catch escaping your attacker.

Here are real examples of what you will discover inside the secret "Muay Thai Self Defense System" .... and much more

You must do all you should ever do when you find a potential attacker . It is exactly the opposite of what the most victim does. Perform this technology and you will probably never be forced to defend yourself. It is so powerful.

When your attacker gets into a striking range, your mind and body will know how to perform this simple, yet very powerful movement.

Always stay 3 seconds ahead of your attacker. You must be able to understand and execute the "response response" system.

Release your attacker in less than 2 seconds with this move. You will learn how to shut down your attacker with strike so simple that you do not even nose. No, it does not kick either. You can teach 8 years how to use this strike and they would release 250 pounds attackers with the same ease as you would.

Get the most complete system of self-protection and protection created today + This has never before offered a bonus for 90% discount PLUS Instant Access

What I'm going to do instead of listening to my peers from my peers also has private access to me and my team. You can ask any question you want, get our thoughts about what self-defense you have, think about purchases, pros and cons, etc. through our Facebook group.

We will also help you train you to learn everything in Muay Thai self-defense to ensure that you have all the tools you need to safely protect you or your loved ones. This is a free bonus with your investment in your personal privacy today.

Read below to understand why I accept all the advice that my peers and counselors have given me.


If you do not have more confidence to defend yourself after applying for the Simple Techniques you learn in the Múay Thai Sprawl Self Defense System, this entire system is free! - I guarantee it ...

Here's how it works: Get through this system and use all the technology I teach you. Contact me and my team and ask questions if you need help learning the system.

Give this 100% effort and afterwards if you do not feel better protect yourself or your loved ones please contact us within 60 days and we will gladly refund each penny of the purchase. No fine printing, no BS, no question. Notify me within 60 days and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment.

I'm so sure you'll improve your ability to protect you, I'm giving you 60 days to dive into, learn, perform and work with our experts to make sure you're fully satisfied with purchase. This is one of the most important decisions of your life and I am here to ensure that you have made the best decision to protect your life.

"Start protecting yourself with your own Muay Thai Sprawl self-defense system today ... Here's How!"

Now there are worse attacks that occur every 43 seconds. Fortunately, others are going through this self-defense system now and finding their world open to them with the belief that they can finally protect themselves and their loved ones regardless of the circumstances ...

They have decided they are not going to be one of these numbers every 43 seconds and to do something about it.

And you have the option to be just like them if you click the Add to Cart for 90% of the normal retail price of a physical version of this book. Get instant access with PDF download and personal training from Jermaine Andre and Attack Back Team.

"WARNING: This is the only way you can get personalized self-help from me, though your chances are going to happen soon"

Here's my motto and why I'm so passionate about helping at least 1 millions of individuals and families. It is important that the martial arts teach their abilities to others so that they can also protect themselves and loved ones. I've learned how easy it is for an average person to kill predators who choose to attack him or her! I want to now apply my skills to you with this application. If I can only teach one technique to someone, even if it's as simple as awareness or preparation, it's worth it.

This simple technique can very well save your life for some time or the life of a loved one. This is my passion because so many victims may not have been victims if they had only 1 or 2 simple methods to protect themselves better and / or avoid threatening situations.

And you should not, too. There is no reason why you should become a victim.

"Remember, this is a smart choice ... It's simple, it works, it's fast and it's easy to protect you and your loved ones."

How much is it

Remember I've put these initial circumstances.

* Imagine waking up and waiting for an unknown person who was going to make God knows what you are.

* Ímyndaðu þér einhverjum sem þú elskar vantar og ekki vita hvar þau eru eða hvað er að gerast.

Það eru margar fleiri atburðarásar sem þetta sem ég gæti skráð út, en þú færð myndina núna.

Einu sinni þú skilur og gleypir einfaldasta og árangursríkustu tækni sem þú munt læra hérna og enginn getur nokkurn tíma tekið það frá þér. Þú verður að hafa yfirhöndina á einhverjum árásarmanni í öllum aðstæðum þegar þú lærir og skilur þessar einföldu eyðileggandi hæfileika og tækni.

Er það í raun bara spurning á þessum tímapunkti?

Mig langar ekki að slá dauða hest hérna, en þetta gæti verið eini kosturinn þinn til að taka stjórn á persónulegum vernd og öryggi ástvina þínum.

FBI tölfræði sýnir að árið 2013 var versnað árás á 43 sekúndum.

Ég þekki þig ekki T vilt vera einn af þessum tölfræði, taktu svo til aðgerða núna og smelltu á hnappinn Bæta við í körfu fyrir neðan. Ég mun bíða á hinni hliðinni til að ganga úr skugga um að þú byrjir strax.

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 Muay Thai self defense - Muay Thai self defense

at discounted price while it's still available...

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

 Muay Thai self defense - Muay Thai self defense

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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