Moving effect on social procurement and ECommerce

It is undeniable that social purchasing and mobile are the two biggest and fastest growing components of eCommerce and digital participation today. It is only true that two would find ways to co-ordinate and exploit the strengths of the others. So far, we've only seen the icebergs, but we expect new changes to be soon within reach.

A recent study identified 1,004 adults, with the majority falling between 35-44 years with almost equal parts of men to women.

The survey found that 92% of users buy online products at least once a month and that almost 75% spend more than $ 500 a year online. These figures indicate that eCommerce has increased a lot in recent years, but where does a mobile phone come into the picture?

While mobile communications are still defining themselves, the idea of ​​buying products from mobile phones is becoming less foreign to smartphone users because the mobile phone has become dense in its daily life. Indeed, Forrester forecasts mobile communications to grow to $ 31 billion in 2016.

As consumers usually use their mobile to research product / reviews as well as interact with marketing in a store like QR code. The vast majority of mobile use compared to shopping in the middle of competitive pricing through search and third-party applications. Smartphone users love using the phone to check the price of the trip to quickly ensure they get the best deal. This could mean good news for the eCommerce store as the mobile phone industry continues to grow.

When asked how consumers use their mobile to research products and businesses online, inspectors responded as follows. Approximately a third of consumers use their phone to check sales and special offers, store information (hours, locations, maps, etc.), Product reviews and reviews and price comparison through 31% of consumers used the phone to browse online stores looking for products of interest, while 24% did it with the aim of buying a product.

These figures tell us that now most cell phones are used by consumers to research goods or commerce rather than buying. However, with 25% of consumers willing to buy online, we can make the mark a big leap for mobile communications. As mobile phones continue to evolve and more stores increase their mobile presence, eTailers can expect to see big increases in mobile visitors and sales.

Surveyors were also asked how they used their mobile phones for research during brick and mortar. The results showed that the majority of consumers use the phone to access promotions, compare prices, read reviews, and interact with marketing in a store like QR code. This pointed to increased emphasis on social participation on your website through customer reviews and interactive marketing.

Today's buyers are better than ever before. They are knowledgeable about the products they want to buy and have the means to ensure they get the best deal and the best service. In order to win sales and the customer, your business must be part of their online experience from beginning to end. Social participation has never been so important for eCommerce success and the future shows no signs of slowing down.

Make sure your business is doing all it can to connect with users by increasing your presence online, implementing reviews into your site, utilizing promotions and increasing social participation through mobile and social sales on Facebook. It's important for consumers to see your products / services and from various channels and link them through reviews before they are fully satisfied with the purchase. This is where the value in social and mobile presence for your business lies.

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