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There are many reasons why you might think of purchasing one of the latest mobile phones with all the messenger bells and whistles. For me, one of many advantages is the fact that I can copy DVD and music and save them on my iPhone. It's almost like having a small Cineplex in your pocket. In the last two years, storage capacity has increased in an amazing way. I remember again in 1998 to go to my home theater computer to buy my first laptop. The salesman was so excited to tell me about a large capacity. "If you buy this machine, the issue of storage is complete. It has the latest hard drive 4.5 GB" He said with a smile as wide as the queue for the toilet at the Rolling Stones concert.

We have come a long time since, with the latest iPods with hard drives up to 160 GB and about the size 1956 gold plated cigarette. If you're a movie player, you can upload mobile phones with tens of thousands of movies full of thousands of songs, audio books and photos, and more.

There are other ways to watch movies on the move. Someone will take their laptops with them or you might have seen a portable DVD player in sale? Both are good and have advantages and disadvantages, for example, Laptop has a big display, but it is bulky and some of the older types of battery life can be terrible and the purpose of a DVD player will not fit your pocket unless you're still around you. Your 1980 gear with a jacket that is a big bag of best Irish potatoes!

For someone who goes to a hospital or a long vacation, with a collection of movies on the player, breath is in fresh air and can give you something to look forward to at the end of the day. The converter you need to copy DVD to mobile devices called DVD to 3GP, Zune converter for Zune player, DVD to PSP for Sony and iPod. I would recommend ImToo DVD to iPod converter [] or Popcorn 3 by Roxio [].

A lot of handheld players these days offer a wide screen 16: 9 option as well as a regular 4: 3 (like your old square TV). The picture quality is great and generally converted from DVD to what is called MP4, which is a compression system like MP3 for audio. The sound is great too and with a good headphone you can also be in your favorite movie theater.

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