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With recent removal of a popular program from the App Store, many people are wondering about moving apps that are no longer available in the App Store from old devices to a new device.

Some have resorted to buying used iPhones and iPads on the Internet that contain the application they want. This is a bit special considering that when you have an application, it can be moved to other devices, even if it is no longer available in the App Store.

If an application is still available in the App Store, you can download it directly to your new device. Once you have purchased an app, there should be no additional charge to download the application again, assuming you use the same Apple ID as the application was originally purchased. However, if the application was removed from the App Store, other options are available for transferring applications.

Move Programs With iTunes

Start connecting the old iOS device to your computer using the USB cable that came with your device. Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer and open iTunes. Select your device in iTunes to display the summary screen for your device.

Click the Backup Now button to make a backup of your device on your computer. This copies data from your iOS device, including the applications, to your computer. When the backup is complete, you can disconnect your old device from the computer.

Install New Device

If you are setting up a new device and want it to contain all the data from your old device, turn on the device, connect it to your computer, and start the installation process with following the instructions on the screen. When prompted, select Restore from iTunes Backup. Make sure you select the backup you have created from the list. The data from this backup will be copied to your new device.

Moving Applications to Your Current Device

If an iPhone or iPad has already been installed, you may not want to install a complete backup of your old device. This would delete any data currently on the device and replace it with data from the backup. This is probably not desirable if you just want to transfer applications from your old device.

Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Select the device to display the summary screen for your device. Select the Apps tab near the top window to display all the applications on your computer. Applications that were copied from your old device should appear in the list. Select the application you want to transfer to your device and click Add.

iCloud Backups

If you usually copy your device to iCloud instead of using iTunes on your computer, it's important to understand programs are not included in the iCloud backup. The ICloud backup will contain data used by applications such as documents or user settings, but the applications are usually in the App Store and are therefore not saved in iCloud. When you restore your device from iCloud, applications are automatically downloaded to the App Store. If the app has been removed from the App Store, it will not be installed on your device during recovery.

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