Motorola W360 – Trendy phone

For the new generation of mobile users, Motorola introduces the sleek and trendy mobile device, the W360. This candy bar offers many features such as built-in FM radio, VGA camera, mobile internet, messaging services and so on. The Motorola W360 is designed to be even more enjoyable.

The W360 is a monoblock mobile phone with a compact size of 47 x 113 x 11.9 millimeters. The classic and fashionable 11.9mm thick classic phone is inspired by the MOTOSLVR's classic and perfect phone. The sleek profile allows you to easily slide the phone into your pocket. With only 98 grams, the Motorola W360 is ultra-lightweight and anywhere you can carry your phone.

With a built-in FM radio – simply tune in and listen to hit songs, news, conversations, and weather reports every time you move. Your device also has MP3 players with your favorite ring tones. Choose unique ringtones, customize them, and create a unique identity for your beautiful and attractive mobile phone. The Motorola W360 supports 5 MB of internal memory, including cell phones, ring tones, and more. It creates a place.

The Motorola W360 has a bright 128 x 160, 65,000 color TFT screen for perfect viewing of videos, pictures and other phone features. With a VGA camera up to 4x magnification – this unit lets you capture motion pictures in motion and motion. Record some special moments and share it via MMS. You can send SMS and MMS messages, text, pictures, and videos to other compatible mobile devices.

The Motorola W360 offers excellent connectivity with USB 1.1. Synchronize data from other compatible devices simply by connecting the USB cable and simply forwarding the data. All in all, the W360 is a good format and feature phone.

Source by Samuel Herrick

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