Motorola Milestone

Motorola Milestone is another popular model from US electronics giants. It runs on the Android operating system. Milestone is bulky in weight at 165 grams. The camera is very good with 5 megapixels and flash features so you can also snap photos with ease in the dark environment. The camera also has auto focus. Internal memory can be upgraded to 8 GB with the help of micro SD card. The Milestone is considered a serious phone for business people because it has all the features of the smartphone. It can run all programs and equipment at lightning speed.

The device looks great in black with a gold necklace along the edges. The QWERTY keyboard is very stylish and it expands under the body. The keys are a little on the flat side, as the result of a fast hit will be difficult. However, Motorola could make keys flat to make the phone slim. However, it would be better to complete the keyboard completely. The pad at the bottom of the phone makes it a bit difficult and makes the thumb at least 3 cm. However, this has been improved to a certain extent by the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard takes a lot of space on the screen. The screen is pne of bright even beat the Apple iPhone in this area.

The applications run at great speed due to the almost flawless Android operating system. Here it will be easier to launch applications and switch between two or more applications. You can easily sync all contacts and messages with your Google Account. Comprehensive communication loss enables you to combine all your accounts. However, you can also separate them into different categories. If you want to change your office documents as you will need to download another application from the Android Workspace.

The highlight of the phone is Motonav that helps you plan your route with the GPS system. It comes preloaded with maps and offers true turn of navigation. Browsing the web is also quick but not as fast as the iPhone. However, you can run and manage multiple windows with ease.

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