Motorola Cliq Review

If you're a Motorola fan, you just got a lifeline from headquarters with a new smartphone called "Cliq (TM)". It has been packed with powerful operating systems and beautiful screens. This review will review some features and specifications of Motorola Cliq (TM). It is also called Motoblur when used with a T-Mobile carrier.

Motorola gets into a mobile computer platform with all the other folks this year. This smartphone is a great example of what you will see in connection and true mobile computing. The display server for this device is undoubtedly the operating system. It's called "Android" and is made by Google. It is an open source phenomenon that appears on many smartphones. What can you do with Android? One thing you can do is track all on one page. All of your chat contacts and Facebook and Twitter contacts are accessible on one page of Motoblur. You can customize your home screen to what extent you want. The information about your Cliq (TM) is constantly updated and copied to a "safe environment". The location is not displayed, so the security level is not yet displayed. You have updated the news available using RSS

External Motorola Cliq (TM) shares profiles with other smartphones. There is a slightly smaller screen (3.1 inches) than Apple or Nokia product. The keyboard is sideways and looks similar to others too. The difference is that Cliq (TM) is a substitute for the arrows arrows. The keyboard uses D-Pad. This is usually used for gaming, although this device is designed to be a competitor in other areas. If you want color you have to wait. There are only two colors available, black and white. The Cliq (TM) comes with some imaginary artwork on the backside if you like it. If you do not want to use the hardware screen, you can hold down the menu button and open the desktop keyboard. The display on Cliq (TM) is capacitive contact and is responsive to input.

Ordinary phone protocol applies to Motoblur. You have a quad band GSM with 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 megahertz. There is also the Tri Band WCDMA with 900, 1700 and 2100 Megahertz. EDGE networks are with GPRS and of course GPS. It has not been reported whether Skype will be included, as Motorola Cliq (TM) has Wi-Fi. The rivals come with Skype and Wi-Fi. The Skype application allows you to save money on calls using a Wi-Fi network instead of a network operator to make a call.

Overall, this is a cool smartphone. It could use some improvements, but it will surprise you with its social networking. This was primarily Motorola in the Android Market and will undoubtedly recover in the coming year. If you want power in small places, this is the Motorola Cliq (TM) device that you want to use.

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