Motorola Cliq 2: Affordable Android Smartphone With Motoblur

Motorola on January 19th launched its high-tech mobile phone, Cliq 2 on T-Mobile.

Your smartphone offers high quality resolution, good call quality, and outstanding multimedia performance.

Motorola Cliq 2 also boasts other live features like 5 megapixel camera, comfortable and good looking QWERTY keyboard, GPS and WiFi.

The smartphone is provided with Motoblur, a feature that gives you access to your friends, photos and posts, without logins and no applications.

Look and feel
Cliq 2 measures 116 mm in length, 59.6 mm in width and 14.5 mm thick. It weighs 175 grams.

It has a high resolution resolution of 854 x 480 pixels per 3.7 inches high sensitive touch screen.

Like all other good smartphones, the Cliq 2 also has a light sensor, speedometer and proxy sensor.

It has a running QWERTY physical keyboard that is designed in a unique way to provide solid grip and interesting looks.

The keys are quite large in size with even more spacious. They are rubber-modified and have a carpet finish, which makes it possible to write quickly and conveniently.

The headphone of the phone is the 5 mega pixel camera with a glance. You can also find an electronic connector and 3.5 mm sliding plate above.

On the top left side is a micro USB connector and charger connector. On the right it has a volume of slider, switch to turn off the phone and camera key.

You can find a 2GB microSD card for the battery cover. You can extend the capacity up to 32GB.

Motorola Cliq 2 features 1GHz ultra-processor, 1GB memory storage with 512MB RAM and Android 2.2 operating system that helps you connect quickly to the Internet and work with built-in applications effectively and quickly.

It offers 3G speed to work, browse, download, browse, listen to music and watch video at a lighter rate.

The phone also offers three customizable home screens according to your choice. These are home, work and weekend so you have applications and shortcuts as when you need.

To allow you to connect and sync with your family and friends, your phone offers Mobile Phone Social Networking.

This service helps you connect with your dear and closest to social networks and also stream and save photos, messages and email to your phone.

This high quality multimedia phone is available at a price $ 99 after $ 100 postcard in repayment.

Source by Ritika Sharma

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