Mobile Websites and 2011

Mobile websites and m.commerce will certainly see growth in the digital market in 2011. In recent years, it has become commonplace to have some kind of internet access on mobile phones. Whether it's for satellite navigation, simple email processing or full access to the empire, this new technology is clearly here to be. Most popular popular websites have already made a transition to mobile phones, as well as some smaller personal websites.

AOP survey from July of this year indicates that more UK mobile operators, compared to European comScore numbers, have access to the internet.

Mobile phone sales could be double in the next three years. In 2013, mobile phone sales could reach as much as £ 275m, 4% of total online spending, about £ 123m.

11.5% of British customers use their mobile phones for research before shopping and 38% for research while they are actually shopping. It is expected that a 119% increase in the number of mobile phone users will help sales to grow.

7.1 million Britains get access to the internet through their mobile phones

24% mobile phone companies in the UK have a good phone

Every month in the UK visit 4.2 million consumer retailers and # 39; Websites Using Mobile Phones (GSMA & Comscore, 2010)

How does this affect you? As someone who may only have a small personal website or run a large organization that sells products or services, you may miss potential visitors to your website by neglecting this media. According to studies conducted for Toyota, it was prominent to add mobile phones to the networking campaign, providing more than 40% of branding alone. Can you really afford to miss?

By expanding e-commerce sites, the integration of online m.commerce will be the key to web growth in 2011.

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