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Blackberry vs Treo

I was always nervous to lose important emails when I left my office. The decision was made to get Treo 650 or Blackberry.
When I announced my decision to friends, I usually got jibes to be added to "crackberry" but I decided to investigate further. In my mind came two wireless devices: Blackberry 7100 or Treo 650. RIM has a winner as far as I'm worried about my Blackberry 7100. I first saw it on Favorite things and I * knew * it could easily become one of me too. All other RIM products were so roast-like I just could not see myself putting something uncomfortable up the head.

The Treo was also a favorite favorite because I had one of the first Handsprings (I chose it over Palm as at that time were not two united) and have since received some PDAs since. My current PDA, Sony Clie, even has WiFi (note that readers: Sony stopped doing PDA last year) but finding a hot spot just for the baby sitter was my email to be pulled … not to mention impossible on the Rideau Canal .

When I completed my research, I found that the real difference between Blackberry lovers and Treo aficionados is in the basic use of the device. Blackberry vs Treo comes down to one simple question: What is number 1 you want to do with this device? If you answered an email, please have your phone and view your calendar – get BlackBerry. If you also want media activity ie. digital camera, mp3 player, document reader – get treo. I knew from the current PDA usage memory that multimedia and my business activity PDA is rarely used so for me, the Blackberry 7100 was the answer.

Rogers, my wireless carrier, has these absurd contracts that last forever. I was only 6 months in a 3 year contract for a basic mobile phone. In order for me to upgrade to Blackberry 7100, I had to pay a fine for each month left in my contract with my BlackBerry phone with a new contract. Updating to Blackberry would have meant the shelling out for almost $ 600, not to mention another three-year contract that is a true death sentence for someone who is an early adopter. I told the kids in Rogers that * I swear * mobile phones will be merged with a WiFi phone in less than 2 years, so why would I like to be bound by a 3 year plan – but unfortunately it did not matter. I decided (part 2 below)

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