Mobile phones offset phones

Two of the common means of communication are cell phones and phones. Truly, these two gave us a lot of privileges and benefits. Unlike a letter, which is probably fazed out already, you can be able to talk directly to the one you want from a long distance. However, although both the phone and the mobile phone are popular when it comes to communication, people are always comparing them with others. Some say the mobile phone is better, but there are even some who prefer to use the phone rather than the modern mobile phone. Let's compare two, which is actually better?

The Cellular Phone:

  • Regardless of its size, you can be able to bring your mobile phone with you wherever you go. It does not require any plug-ins or lines because it is controlled by a rechargeable battery when it is drained.
  • No more volume – Unlike the phone consisting of two parts, the mobile phone is small, practical and easy to carry. There are even super thin models that measure only 2 cm wide.
  • Applications – Does the phone have TV? What about music, games or other programs? The phone is like a small computer because there are even some types that can access the internet.
  • Text message – Your phone can even send long or short messages to another mobile phone.
  • Special Information – Due to the constant development of mobile phones, most of them have cameras, cameras and even GPS.


  • Never hurts and you can talk to people for as long as you want.
  • It never runs out of batteries, unlike your mobile phone, which is already useless when the battery is drained.
  • There are already types of phones that do not have wires and plugs.
  • You can also send text messages using a phone.

Based on the comparison, well, then work would of course go on a mobile phone. However, there are still some who consider the phone better despite many of the mobile devices. Well, it's really not important which one is better than the other. What matters is that we both give you great advantages when it comes to communicating with other people. Unfortunately, some individuals involved in network and mobile phone areas are critical of these tools.

To sum things up, we should always be grateful because these tools were invented because we can never imagine our lives without them.

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