Mobile Phones – Common Terminology

Mobile phones are one of the truly great technological advances of our time. In just a handful of years, they have been so massive clinkers that they should wear in almost a rucksack, thin lines that are almost fit in their wallet.

Mobile phones are doing more than these calls these days; you can send photos, schedule your calendars and activities, play online, play music, listen to music and take photos – in fact, everything you can do at home and more! In the market with a variety of hi tech varieties it is easy to lose in technical jargon. In this article, we'll look at some of the common terms that you may encounter.


Bluetooth is a way for phones to connect wirelessly to other devices. This is a very common feature and is very useful for connecting to a wireless headset or car kit or to another phone for transferring files.

MP3 Player

Several phones for built-in MP3 players. MP3 is a file format that allows music to be compressed so you can access more of your phone. Telephones used to play MP3s often have paid download services, so more melodies are available on your phone.


Digital camera resolution is measured in megapixels, often abbreviated to mp. 1 sec is equal to 1 million pixels, and 1 pixel is one of the tiny points that make up a digital image. Keep in mind that huge megapixel counting is not always a good thing – resolution reduces image quality to a small camera sensor. 3-6 seconds are probably plenty to use with typical cameras.


GPS or global positioning system is a method used by phones to determine exactly where the phone is located on the planet. This allows some great map software to be used for navigation.

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