Mobile Phones – Analog Vs Digital Vs VoIP

Many schools in the market for new telephony will no doubt have received numerous calls from companies offering the world. The problem is, who do you believe? The silver-tongued, shiny clothes wearing a wide guy, or straight to talk type that can not be the cheapest, but gives you exactly what you need for the first time around?

Many individuals selling at school see them as easy goals, as most schools have very old equipment and turnover of employees is relatively high. It is important that all schools looking for or renting a new phone device understand what they need before they agree to change.

Common misunderstanding 1: "Everything is changing into a digital image." Like TV shows "

This is not true! Many individuals who try to sell new equipment realize that digital phone systems are more expensive and get them higher commissions. The truth is that over 75% of British companies and 98% UK households are still using the analogue (PSTN) network, this does not change in the foreseeable future. True digital technology is higher standard than analogues, but you'll necessarily pay more for the network and the transition to digital upgrade (ISDN) might well deserve you without telephone line for working day / s. It is also important to realize that most of the networks currently available will be traced comfortably by either analogue or digital networks.

Common Misconception 2: "We need a VoIP phone system because of it that will save us money "

However, this is not right at single schools! To save money using VoIP technology in the first place, you need to spend a lot of your call and other things you need many sites to benefit from free calls offered with this service. Not to mention the fact that your information system would have to have the latest managed switches that almost all have not yet. The profitability of most schools would be 5 – 6 years, which makes cost saving exercise meaningless.

In our opinion, the best phone for school was one with the least amount of upset, best value and biggest support system. Basically, keep in alignment, try to get a good deal without an additional cost and track the brand you've heard about like Panasonic.

Source by Justin M Savage

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