Mobile phone – my best friend

If you've ever been without your cell phone, you have to understand the importance of your personal and professional life. Today mobile phones are not limited to calling or receiving calls. In fact, there are many applications today. Mobile phone is the man's most recent and best friend. The services available are internet, sms service, songs, games, cameras and much more. Let's have fun:

Digital Camera:

With your friends, you want to capture the moment. Your mobile phone with built-in camera is a very simple task. Point and click. It's as simple as that and mobile phones are very handy. Later, you can transfer these moments to your computer or pen drive. You can also send photos to your friends.

Voice recorder:

You can record conversations in your mobile phone.

Video Recorder:

Phones also become camcorders – some of the latest mobile phones can record one or more videos.

Multimedia Messaging:

You can share recorded information with others.

Web Surfing and Emailing:

You can also send emails or search any information online.

View Documents:

View documents on your phone in popular MS Office file formats.

Music Player:

The next big thing in 2005 is the music of mobile phones. Although phones can play MP3s, they will soon be able to stream music from the Internet.


Your phone can be used for purchases, such as a credit card or debit card. There is already a billing connection between the subscriber and the operator, which can be used for payments to merchants.

Bar Code Readers:

Phones will be able to read bar codes and may be very interesting applications in commerce.

Mobile phones will be very strong and are likely to become the determining tool for CCC (communications, computing, and content). Let's see what these small tools offer in the future.

Source by Jimmy More

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