Mobile phone issues – whether it's Nokia or not

Billions of daily-use handsets are a good part of the owners of phones for complaints or two phones. Most of the time, you will find the problem your phone is usually caused by the way the owner handles the phone. Most of the complaints fall after battery charging. A simple plan can be used to convey the problem.

Many people complain that their phone gets rid of them and does not give them a good prize. This is due to some factors. The user may leave the phone for a long time. The battery of the mobile phone is supposed to be charged for about 2-3 hours. Some phones charge overnight with six or more hours of charging time, depending on the owner waking up.

This significantly reduces the battery life. The trick behind is actually turning off your mobile phone when you want to spend it during sleep. This can actually result in savings in the financial budget, as battery replacement is anywhere between $ 40 and $ 80. That's a lot of money you only pay because you can not get to know the battery charge time of your phone.

Most likely, when most people start switching off their phone at night, mobile phone service providers may be able to record missed calls when the phone is switched on. Now this is what I call "two birds knocking on a stone."

Source by Nzau Mue

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