Mobile phone inventor prefers Motorola Droid

The name of the Martin Cooper should be familiar with all those who use mobile phones. It is the case that he was a member of the company who invented mobile phones. Mr. Cooper, who is 81 years old, has recently appeared in one of the most popular television shows.

He was talking about the possibilities of modern mobile phones for nearly half an hour, the progress made on the square, and his own ideas of keeping things right. That he was one of the giants in the field who did not lose interest in the telecommunications area after all these years.

He was the one who made the first mobile phone call on April 3, 1973. So he feels he will continue to dedicate his phone to Motorola after 37 years.

In his interview, he said he was using one of the Motorola phones again – he told the TV host he was using the Motorola-Motorola Droid new device now. And soon he added that he used the model earlier on the Apple iPhone. So we can say that the phone master uses one of the best phones, right?

Of course yes, as he is the master of the field. In any case, he added that he only uses Motorola Droid for Twitter and because he calls someone who uses Earth phones at all, which is fairly rational.

So we can say that the mobile phone inventor will change the iPhone with Motorola Droid! Good choice.

Let's start our own investigation, which tool will be the leader. As far as we know, Motorola is planning to restore its position on the list list by trying out more efficient models. And the worst thing for Apple is that in the event of loss of HTC's claim, the company will lose most of the market and will not be able to act as a competitor.

So you feel that competition will be more difficult for every company.

Source by Anna Avetisyan

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