Mobile phone insurance – Is it necessary

First of all, let me briefly say the cell phone insurance. Cellular phone insurance is basically similar to other forms of insurance (eg Car) because you pay a premium to protect your potential possession. Most insurance is subject to charges (usually around $ 5- $ 6), which corresponds to your monthly bill. The price depends on which company you choose. The SEPARATE COMPANIES is the carrier.

Now, we'll discuss that this is a necessary service for you.

first Insurance can be run annually between $ 50- $ 70 (usually $ 5- $ 6 per month), which is a significant amount if a contract exceeds one year.

2nd Most suppliers need to be deductible when you need to replace your phone, this deductible is usually $ 50- $ 60, so you almost have to pay the annual premium again if you want to use it. The deductible amount is also non-refundable and must be paid in full.

3rd It is a little known fact that companies often replace lost, stolen or damaged phones with used phones that are not necessarily of the highest quality. Indeed, the substitutes may be re-evaluated products that may be of poor quality (I used my insurance once and thought that the lost phone would be replaced again, but later discovered that I was getting an injured battery).

So what to do? If you are a person who often loses your phone, insurance can be a good idea, but remember, you have to pay for these deductions and many carriers will only spend a certain amount of money (somewhere 3 times) annually. So even in this case, insurance is not necessarily the best solution. If you have greater responsibility, insurance is likely to be a waste of money after the cost and the deduction cost have been calculated, it would be better if you purchased a new device through your carrier.

In summary, I think money paid for cell phone insurance is a bad idea and it is not worth the money. Thinking of buying the phone, think twice. And if you already have insurance on your account, I would suggest lowering this cost because, as everyone knows about it, every penny counts.

Source by Marlon Heywood

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