Mobile Phone Fraud

A person who has recently discovered a great astonishment that his mobile phone bill contains a large amount of calls he has never made. You checked your account with the mobile phone company that the call was actually from your mobile phone number. A lady who visited a patient friend in the hospital left the door. When he returned, his mobile phone into the car disappeared. A teenage boy introduced his brand new mobile phone to his girlfriend in a restaurant. When they left the restaurant, someone shook the young boy as if trying to catch a taxi. After a few moments, the boy felt something missing from his pocket. When he tried to get into his pocket, his brand new mobile phone was gone. These three people were victims of mobile phone fraud.

With the massive spread of mobile phones, almost everywhere where criminals have found ways to obtain information and free contact with their criminal staff and to avoid the cables being touched by the authorities by the cells of illegally acquired phones. Mobile phone fraud has always been a concern for police organizers. The method used by such offenders would be to use two sets of equipment in their offenses by using the associated legal cell phone number to steal their mobile phones free of charge from the owner whose legitimate mobility was stolen.

They're doing it. When purchasing phones, there is already a prefixed number on the phone, called the electronic serial number or ESN. The retailer of telephones also assigns another set of numbers like Mobile ID or MIN. These two combined numbers can combine their own unique phone number and phones will provide fingerprints for phones to recognize and authenticate signals on mobile networks. The sad thing is, however, that there is a device called the ESN reader, which criminals can use to continue illegal activities. If you turn on your mobile phones, regardless of whether or not they are using these criminals, they can read ESN and MIN numbers using their ESN reader and only turn on and release the number of assigned mobile phones. Once you get the phone numbers, all you have to do is use your phone with another machine that you can use to give the ESN and the MIN number to another mobile phone to steal and bingo! They can then call their criminal staff anywhere, anytime with you, relying on them.

Authorities have now taken the necessary steps to overcome these acts that adversely affect public telephone usage. Can you imagine that when ESN and MIN phones are crushed by these criminals from the thin air, they may be believed to be part of their group because their offenses were caused by mobile phone security numbers, apart from charging the cost of their calls, which they did not you know .. UGH! How much can it cost?

Source by Sherry Khan

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