Mobile phone for gaming – How to choose

Many people can ask for this. Now everyone has their own preference when they want their phone to be able to, some of them need a long battery life, so they can talk a lot without charging, others need a thin, portable device. you can listen to your favorite mp3s, and some people like me would like to enjoy a device that can enjoy many different and entertaining games.

* screen size

* hardware performance

* ergonomics In my opinion screen size and hardware performance are two very important factors when you will enjoy the game. First of all, I recommend purchasing a high resolution 128×160 resolution phone, because obviously the larger the screen, the more things you can fit and / or draw on these things.

This, of course, is hand in hand with some important tool, and this is hardware performance. However, this is arguable if you like games if you do not think you need to play 3d or shooting games on your phone then performance is not necessarily so big but important because today's gaming becomes more and more complicated and requires a lot of phone resources . Also ergonomics
and especially compatibility are also important. With compatibility I mean that there is a phone that has at least java midp version 2.0, and it has developed a lot of games for it.

Before you start thinking about pricing or hardware specifications, make sure you're doing a quick Google search for the games you want to buy. If the results are unsatisfactory, you may be thinking of purchasing the phone model. Personally, I used phones with java 2.0 midp but for which I did not find new games that would really work. The only exception is some really low tech free games that work on almost all phones.

Ergonomics means the placement and size of keypad keys. Before you buy the device, try the built-in games for a while to see how they are playing "feel". If the controls are uncomfortable or difficult to push the right button at the right time, you should consider purchasing another model.

Now that we've covered this, most of them are probably still thinking about which model to start testing or watching, so I've put together a small list of current game models:

* Nokia Series 40 3rd Edition Phones

* Nokia Series 60 phones

* Sony Erricson K series and W series

] * Samsung D900 or D900i

* Nokia N and E series

* any other high end phone

I personally recommend Nokia or SE for the simplest reasons: these are two very popular brands, they have developed a lot of play titles for them. Please note that the Nokia 60 Series has a Symbian operating system that can lead to many complications if it is not technical. I also deliberately skipped out the old Nokia N-gage series, as I think these phones are more consoles that you can talk to, you can play on phones.

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