Mobile payments: NFC, Google Wallet, and Apple iWallet

Often, rivals of the mobile platform, namely, Android and iPhone, result in the creation of new technologies that come from the production of innovation. Google Wallet is a technology that is still promising to change the world of mobile e-commerce and, as financial institutions embroider, Apple won the iWallet patent. Window cabs also strive to move towards mobile commerce with & # 39; Wallet & # 39;

So what's the component that Google Wallet, iWallet, and Wallet share?

All of the above technologies are based on Near Field Communication technology, derived from radio frequency identification, abbreviated as RFID.

Google takes proactive steps to expand the purse concept and also maintains that this payment method will not pay for mobile payments against fraud but will secure the entire transaction by storing card information in the cloud rather than the device. This strategy protects users' accounts to gain access to bad users in the event of theft or lost scenarios. Another important element is that this service can be disabled remotely, thus preventing further transactions from the phone.

Apple Inc. has been making juggling since the beginning of mobile commerce and m-payments, such as NFC for payment platforms, or other short-term technologies such as Zooch. In the midst of a lot of confusion, the iPhone maker finally won the patent right for a new iWallet parental control technology. This blocks users & # 39; the over-spending of children is constantly being purchased through the iPhone. Multiple filter options can be enabled by limiting the handheld's credit card function by accepting or rejecting a transaction request from an authorized iPhone user.

Microsoft's mobility initiatives are similar to "taps and pay" followed by other mobile payments. Microsoft's "SECURE SIM" technology is the Windows Wallet This secure SIM concept is a twin token of Apple's Passbook, which stores private data such as memberships and loyalty programs.You will probably forget to use discount coupons one day, and will expire.The Window Wallet concept will be a perfect alert for coupons, and then you can save a small or two hard cash

All Iranian staff in the IT industry in Iran are designed to provide untouched and secure transaction channels to consumers Whenever ordinary people you feel secure about NFC-based services when mobile financial services have a significant role to play.Customers and retail businessmen will be delighted with the pleasure of being paid or paid without time and energy savings

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