Mobile operators move to the center of the marketing strategy

While consumption growth is higher than the advertising and marketing costs in this channel, it's good to read the eMarketer article about positive long-term developments when it comes to spending mobile spending. Mobile app allocation is calculated to increase rapidly over the next five years.

The growing share of smartphone sales, many types of applications that increase the use of the device, such as Augmented Reality, Mobile TV and Location Based Services, mobile phone tickets, mobile banking and growing mobile phone advertising, have caused Mobile Marketing to move rapidly toward center of marketing.

Mobile ad spending is just another indication that usage is increasing, users get along with the devices and become a standard device in everyday life, thinking of younger generations as a future audience that has mass already approved mobile phones.

More and more cases are revealed about the opportunities, how cellular phone experience benefits and another channel to reach customers wherever, at any time with the requested content. The mobile phone is portable addition to a person who becomes a collector of information, at the same time the tool for satisfying content-long needs and can serve as a interface between digital and traditional campaigns. Location services / information services provide appropriate users to the user and the appropriate value is in the interests of the companies.

Businesses should begin to think about mobile phones within marketing when looking at the future and opportunities and that it might well be a new boost that drives marketing, serves brand consolidation and can act as awareness actions.

Questions to be answered in the next policy could be:

Are the products ready?

Is the target market / market ready for mobile?

How can you use mobile phone usage within the purchase process?

Is there an opportunity to conduct mCommerce?

What objectives should mobile web site and other add-ons (such as devices) be applied?

How can you integrate mobile ads within other advertising methods?

Are other methods okay with the mobile phone plan?

… and much more.

Do you share my opinion on Mobile Marketing and it's time to respond?

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