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Mobile marketing is the fastest growing market industry in the decades, and many believe it's the most successful marketing campaign, including the New York Times, but understanding the development of mobile phone development will ensure you stay on track and enjoy investment.

67% Americans have used applications – Our Mobile World

Recently, there has been an important move towards mobile messaging and while there is still some expensive use of sms marketing, there are still many companies that sell this service and do excellent income from it. The disadvantage of many of these services is that the SMS lists are not geographically targeted and are therefore not considered to be an ideal solution for local business owners.

The average of 24 applications is set up by American SmartPhones users on their phone – Our Mobile World

In order to take advantage of classified ads that are geographically targeted, you need to think a little outside the box and Apps are often the best solution. Applications utilize their integrated messaging center with the operating system to send absolutely free messages to anyone who downloaded the application. While this is completely free, it's a hidden cost of downloading and installing the application. Americans are increasingly embrocing Apps and their functionality and if you can value their lives, they are more likely to install your application.

More than a third of Americans aged 18-29 have bought through their SmartPhone. – Our Mobile World

The Advantage of Apps is that many of those included with Apps can do some of that marketing for you. Features like telling friends and content features, such as email and wall murals, ensure that interactive applications are easily sent from one party to another, creating content that you can use to market your application through social media.

In addition to sending your information to other customers, you can also include e-commerce in the application that makes it easy for customers to buy on a run. Although it is primarily the younger generation, happy with mobile phone purchases, this trend is growing fast and is a great service to offer your customers.

43% of Americans have watched ads on an app on their smartphones – Our Mobile World

While the option for customers to download a program from your company should be to get a good product at the best possible price and prize for active participation. In urban areas within the program, it's the convenience of simple computing which is actually the reason why many people choose to download applications. A simple call, instant updates, targeted products that are geographically important to them, and a limited number of external ads make this a great tool for both vendors and consumers.

Having tools to take advantage of this challenging industry will ensure that your business is at the forefront of this mobile market development.

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