Mobile Forex Trading

Thanks to the development and increasing number of smartphones and iPhones, many dealers choose to use these new technology models to invest in financial markets.

I. Advantages of mobile commerce

One of the main advantages of mobile commerce is that it allows merchants to provide real-time access to their account. You can always call the agent to make orders or the usual trade on the computer screen, but by phone, know exactly what is happening on the market to make informed choices about your trades. Exchange rate developments are only a few minutes away so you should be able to see real-time trends, to predict that you can order orders. Real-time login on the market can significantly increase your earnings. Likewise, you can minimize your losses by quickly closing your position if you lose.

Online Brokerage Platforms

With the rapid development of recent years, smart phones and online brokers have developed downloadable online platforms specifically for next-generation phones. These platforms are usually free and almost all original features are restored. Sometimes, however, some platforms in smartphones do not offer certain features or tools for practical reasons and techniques. Elles, however, offers every opportunity to access the demo account and a real account by user preferences. Latest platforms compatible with Smartphones, Etoro's family of products, allow you to connect to the OpenBook or ACM for the iPad.

III. Forex On The Go application

In addition to the various forex platforms developed by intermediaries applications are becoming more popular. "Forex On The Go" is primarily used by iPhone users. This application allows you to monitor FX market rates in real time and monitor your business calendar, see the pivot points of the day, or even display multiple graphs, with the exception of some basic metrics such as Bollinger, motion rate or MACD . This application is available in two versions: – "Lite" version, which is a free "premium" version that is identical to "Lite", with the exception that ads in the free version will be deleted. Recently, the "Lite" version has been improved to include a snapshot of a cursor snapshot. Finally, soon the MT4 platform should be available on "Forex On The Go". To download the forex application, simply visit the iTunes Store. Downloading apps at a glance.

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