Mobile Apps – Free in 2016

According to the expert, 90 percent of the $ 45.6 billion mobile app downloaded this year is free. This trend is a big challenge for developers who plan on the next mobile app on the market, as they consider the in-app purchasing model very important. Expectedly in 2016, people spend about 309 billion applications, of which 93 percent will be free.

Another research suggests that most of the paid apps will cost $ 3, as low-cost applications like download free download will also be the maximum download. 87.5 percent of paid applications will rise from 99 cents to $ 2.99 this year, to 201 percent to 96 percent. Free or cheap downloads, however, can not force developers to sell reserves while providing free downloads, uploading certain amounts to unlock certain features, acquire additional content, or access users to the software beyond the trial period.

According to a famous company, the in-app purchases market will be $ 5.6 billion in 2015. Experts rely on revenue-generating apps, and many companies expect that in-app purchases will be 30 percent in 2016, while store revenue will be 41 percent. Microsoft Windows also supports in-app purchases, as developers are very hopeful, but need to build high performance and attractive designs for their applications.

Apple is now the most popular since it has the largest market share in such applications, while other names include Google and Microsoft. However, they are in serious competition with other providers such as Amazon and Facebook. Amazon is a very strong brand worldwide and offers high-quality content, while Facebook has its own center for such applications and popularity thanks to the main role of social networks.

According to a China expert, android stores have a big market in the absence of poor service providers. According to experts, in 2013, only over 73 billion mobile apps will be downloaded worldwide and 90 percent will be free. In 2014, the number will be 119.8 billion, compared with 188.9 billion in 2015 and 287.9 ​​billion in 2016, and free downloads will increase by one percent per year. All these numbers encouraged developers to implement new marketing strategies to increase sales of such applications.

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