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A few years ago, there were very few applications for smartphones, and no one could think about distributing it through a service. Now the situation has radically changed. Today we can choose from over 350,000 mobile apps. The distribution of the mobile app model is copied by the developers of other mobile platforms developed by Apple's store.

But it is still too early to talk about market saturation of mobile performance. Forrester Research predicts mobile revenue will reach $ 38 billion by 2015. For a few months, former analysts predicted that mobile revenue revenue would reach $ 15 billion in 2011. Most profits are generated not only by smartphone owners but also by tablet users. Approximately one-fifth of the 2015 revenue, or $ 8 billion, will be available from the sale of tablet programs. For comparison, in 2010 tablet software only bought $ 0.3 billion.

The fast evolution of the industry is linked to quality changes to smartphones. For example, we will witness the transition of the higher-speed data network (4G). This allows you to use smartphones to watch high quality videos using NFC sensors and so on. According to data collected in November 2009, today's TOP mobile apps for smart phones include games, travel, navigation and photo applications. The data is included in the Samsung Electronics order survey.

According to the analysis, games are the most popular among women: 70% of them have a mobile game while the proportion of men is 57%.

Women appreciate the programs for making and processing photos (70%) – far more than men (49%).

The need for applications that allow men and women to obtain reference data or counseling goes beyond social networks (39%).

Among the most desirable mobile applications, travel and navigation programs (34% of respondents want to use them), photo applications (12% of responses), applications (11%) and shopping (9%).

Demand for consumer demand is high: almost half of smartphone owners (42%) pay for downloading applications if they have this option. 54% of these users are willing to pay 5 euros per application and 13% – up to 10 euros.

43% of smartphone owners who previously installed an application quickly lost their interest, so nearly half of the programs were reduced to a very short time. This shows a clear departure from existing market applications to real-life requirements.

Research shows that there are huge potential for mobile apps, but due to unrealized demand, developers and application providers can expect higher imports. The results of the survey confirm that this market is in the early stages of development.

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