Mobile and PDA – Krusell Horizon XSmall Long Phone Case

If you need a stylish mobile phone for business, Krusell HORIZON is the only one for you. Designed to fit smaller smartphones and mobile phones, the case was tested with the Nokia E65 (dimensions: 105 x 49 x 15.5 mm) that fits into a very sturdy and well-designed leather hat.

The case consists of two layers of handstitched quality leather, with a big pat held in place with a magnetic catch. It's well thought out headset outlets, power adapters and auxiliary phone buttons, which enabled Nokia E65 to charge and handsfree to connect without removing the phone from the case. The case has a great multidapt system for a belt attachment or, alternatively, belt clippings are sewn into the case that allow more permanent fastening of the belt.

Krusell HORIZON is a quality dish, especially suitable for business users. The adaptability of the case also makes it suitable for smaller mobile phones from more obscure manufacturers and also small digital cameras. As with all Krusell products, the issue comes with lifelong warranty, although the quality of Krusell cases is illegal then you need to use it.

Krusell make many good mobile phones and other laptops for laptops and cameras. Their range covers most of the recent version of the phone and is constantly updated to include newly released models like Apple iPhone.

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Source by James Youell

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