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Emergency battery backup devices become more accessible as more manufacturers release their "unique" version to compete. eCharger is another company to release a battery backup device called an emergency opener charger. The device indicates that there is a USB charger, battery holder, emergency battery charger and also an LED torch. In addition to the version we tested, there were power tips for devices that use mini USB, standard Nokia devices (not suitable for N-series smartphones) and smaller Sony-Ericsson power adapters.

The Emergency Travel Charger is small and is about 1.5X size AA battery. The outer shell is made of strong plastic and it fits easily in a pocket or handbag. The device can also be linked to key features so it can not be easily lost.

In order to use the device, batteries need to be used: either a standard AA battery or AA battery can be rechargeable with the device, although it is obvious that only the battery is rechargeable. The AA battery can be recharged using the included USB cable that provides low battery charging from a USB port to a product on a computer. In our tests, the battery charge was incredibly slow and took 24 hours to fully charge 3000mAh AA battery (charging is indicated by red LED). Even when we decided to fully charge the battery using a special charger, there was no indication that the battery was fully charged on the charger.

Charging (red-flashed flashing sometimes) of our Nokia 6131 mobile phone, with its own small Nokia power device, was slightly more promising when the phone was charged at 50% over 90 minutes, which is pretty good compared to other simple backup devices that trust on AA batteries (like iGo powerXtender).

The LED burner is relatively powerful and powerful enough if you need to use it in an emergency.

All in all, the emergency charger makes what the name indicates, which gives an emergency battery, but the charger is quite slow and could not rely on recharging the battery daily basis. This, with a fully charged battery, made the device comfortable with the Nokia 6131 so emergency calls could be made.

The fact that both standard and rechargeable AA batteries can be used is useful, which means that the device can be used worldwide as long as the battery is available. The device is priced at £ 15, making it one of the cheaper options for low power electronics, and it fulfills most of its promises, although further instructions would make the device easier to use.

Source by James Youell

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