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Emarketer and released a study that says mobile ads perform much better than media sites, such as Facebook, Google, television, and so on. Showing ads. In the past, there have been many bad news about advertising, this study was a sigh of relief for many Internet marketers to make money online. The pioneering new area usually leads to good results.

Emarketer evaluated mobile users using Limbo and Gfk NOP networks. It seemed that iPhone users are more likely to be involved in the collision than other mobile users. However, there was no data to prove that he purchased anything on the Internet.

This, of course, still leaves a few online money makers left in a small debt, but the clickthrough rate can still help make a decision when mobile ads are on the road. One thing was that users who clicked on a mobile ad remained on the managed site longer than the average web user. Here are some statistics that can provide great information:

41% of users of the iPhone service who can remember the ads they saw compared to 33% of one of the iphone users.

1/3 of mobile users who remember the ad have taken a few steps. However, iphone users jumped to 2/3, as they are more likely to use the internet on their phones.

Most mobile users respond to text ads from traditional images through online browsing.

This high percentage of growth is 40%, but is still much smaller than the size of the advertising market that is expected to reach $ 2 billion this year, JP Morgan said. IPhone users are currently the market leader in mobile ads and create a great source of online profits.

This apparent dominance is one of the leading reasons for online mobile marketing, and many Internet marketers are now starting to take advantage of this new market and new Internet resource.

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