Missing features on iPhone

Although Apple iPhone is a great tool with many fantastic features, you have to purchase a number of shortcomings. Things like third party support and carrier choices are just a few of them. If these deficiencies were corrected, the iPhone would be a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, however, this happens. However, below are some missing features of Apple iPhone.

Third Party Support

One of the biggest iPhone features that is missing is third party support. Apple has made the iPhone a walled garden. Third-Party applications can not be installed. Apple claims that it is for security reasons, but generally believes that they are always forced into public pressure and issue the SDK and allow certain applications to be submitted. Still so is the "browser holes".

Browser Plug-ins

iPhone provides terrible support for browser plug-ins, such as flash and JavaScript. This was considered by her mother in the early stages of her development, but she has recently been revealed. Better plug-in support would be a much more useful tool for Safari. This is one of the missing functions of the iPhone.

Carrier Choice

With a 2 year contract, he has to close down on Cingulara, a bit sad point on the iPhone. Cingular does not support the nation in many places. If Apple has allowed the iPhone to be used by more than one carrier, it will have a great impact on the public. This is just another new iPhone service that is missing.

Phone and data warehouse plans

This missing iPhone service is often a cause for concern for customers. Cingular could easily use phone and data rates and take advantage of early adopters with crazy, expensive price plans.

Removable Battery

The lack of removable battery on the iPhone is a huge potential problem in an emergency and on a journey. The only upside to this is that all iPod's 30-pin docking connector accessories will work. However, this is an impromptu iPhone service that is missing.

Front Facing Camera

Although most people are not interested in the 2 megapixel camera on the back of the iPhone, it is disappointing to find that there is no camera on the front. This would be a perfect tool for video chat, which, however, due to the lack of iPhone, the lack of 3G limits Wi-Fi.

Calendar Input

Like the iPod, the iPhone calendar is read-only and synced from a Mac. The iPhone has a keyboard. So why does Apple not accept the calendar?

Over the Air

Download Over the Air from the iTunes Store. An ordinary reason why Apple wants to sell music in the air. However, he notes that this is a contractual restriction. Apple should agree on all the labels to allow OTA to be marketed.

Source by Thomas Martinez

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