Microsoft Project Server vs Microsoft Project

There are several project managers today who use Microsoft Project to create and monitor project plans to keep projects on schedule. The project is a fine application for little effort by one who manages. However, when the project expands and more decisions take part, managers need an application that can provide enterprise project management.

Web server management with the project server

When coordinating large projects, basic management tools like Microsoft Project may not serve the needs of the administrator. It is a unique application that can only be used on a single computer. All information about the project is in one place and all decisions can only be made on that computer.

Once a lot of management efforts, this lack of access will be a problem. What is needed is a project management device that can be shared with all businesses and allows all managers to monitor their tasks without waiting for printed reports.

Project Server was designed with exactly this capability in mind. All team members can access the application anywhere on a corporate or web site. Coordination and communication are easier when everyone is on the same page.

Each team member has the role of

Just because everyone can access the software does not mean that everyone has the same capabilities. Individuals are allowed their role in the program and in the company.

Project managers use the basic Project Professional program as they have before. However, their updates and changes are sent to the server where other managers can view them.

Participants who do not use Project directly can still access a server to see what their tasks are, what status of the overall plan is and send status reports to managers.

Even stakeholders who are not directly involved in projects, such as managers or investors, can access the Social Network or the web so that they can track progress. Comprehensive security settings ensure that every person is granted necessary access without excess rights.

Project Server Training

Even Microsoft Project users will benefit from training on the unique capabilities of Project Server. The company's components of the software greatly increase the size of tasks that can be handled, but may not be evident to new users. Assignments such as team building, resource replenishment and information sharing can be used better after taking a teacher's course.

Transition from Project to Project Server is a big step for business but with guidance and planning, it's a movement that can be done with at least complications. Increased capability becomes invaluable in all sizes in big business.

Source by Christine Harrell

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