Micromax – Dual and Single Sim Mobile Phones

Micromax is a pioneer in creating lifelike mobile phone solutions and wireless technologies that cater to increasingly demanding mobile users around the world.

The new Micromax X116 is a Dual-SIM GSM mobile phone with an amazing talk time of up to 15 hours. The X116 has a music player, FM radio and 8GB expandable memory via the microSD card slot. The Micromax X211 is a GSM phone that has the latest features of today's GSM mobile phones. All feature a good GSM mobile, such as VGA camera, video recorder, music player, FM radio, handsfree and speed dial.

The Micromax x116 mobile phone has all the basic features that mobile users need. The 5-way navigation key makes it easy to access your functions. The conference call feature allows users to connect multiple callers simultaneously. The Micromax x1i also has the Flight Mode feature to assist our phone during flight, even if the aircraft is still in the air. Your phone can store hundreds of messages and hundreds of contacts in the phone book.

The music features of the Micromax X313 mobile phone are quite spectacular. The Micromax X313 mobile phone has an average 1.3 megapixel camera. The camera is equipped with CMOS Sensor Photo Burst. The X313 handsfree helps you while driving.

Micromax Dual Sim Mobile and Single Sim – The Micromax X800 not only has an excellent camera and music player but also has good connectivity over Bluetooth and GPRS plus WAP enabled.

The Micromax X225 is a basic business phone, but there are some wonderful features. For example, the phone supports humongous expandable memory up to 8 GB via a microSD card that is large enough for data. Bluetooth provides smooth connectivity. Your phone also has multimedia features, such as an MP3 music player and interesting games.

The X332 is a dual channel (GSM / GPRS) phone with a weight of 82 grams. The key features of this mobile phone that steal our hearts are a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, and a multi-format music player that can be played while flying. We must not forget that this is a mid-cost phone, and although other manufacturers offer similar features, the price tag is definitely the lowest.

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