Micro SIM card cutter for iPhone 4 or iPad

Apple iPhone 4 and iPad can all know unknown standards: Micro SIM card. This is developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, there is no difference in the SIM card that we usually use, but only in size. In order to change the original SIM card to your new micro SIM card, you must cut it into a Micro Card. You can do this with a knife, scissors or any other device. But there is another way to make this trimmer easy to do without damaging the card. Easy to use, accepting old school chips, wiping them with the full power of modernity and impeccably offering a streamlined Micro SIM. Cut out the perfect Micro SIM from your normal SIM card. Using a special cardholder (SIM adapter), you can cut it straight away as a standard SIM card.

Using the SIM adapter, you can save time, money, and discomfort if you require 2 SIM cards if you need it. This adapter modifies the one that can only be used on the iPad, a full-size SIM card, laptop, or device that has a card slot. You can also cut a standard size card into the Micro Card size and use it on your iPad or iPhone 4G. You can use this adapter with any device that accepts a 3G card, not just an iPhone, such as a wireless router, a 3G USB modem, any 3G mobile phone, or a laptop card slot.

Source by Jianfeng Huang

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