Men who are over – 6 ways to stop a person who wants to be physically close to you too soon

6 ways to stop a person who wants to be physically close to you too soon! "He's over," Christine's mouth wounded. "Just a picture, I just met him and he wants to touch me." What do I feel like being a tramp? " Her anger was beginning to grow in a mixture of anger and trouble. Another girl told me how totally disturbing this guy was because everything he seemed to want to do is have sex and they just had the other. She immediately crossed him. Should you reject a person because he makes sexual advances before you get to know you right? Well, this is what Christine (and most women) did. Do you agree? Well on the surface of the objects, it's probably right.

However, let's eat more. After much researched thinking, I conclude that a lot of women need to have a good relationship and a good person because they can fix something. First let me say that most men would shape or form a nice idea of ​​what it was like to have sex with you. Most men – thank goodness – manage these thoughts and feelings. They do not let you know, because they realize you might be offended like my client. By the way if you are drawn to the man you will think as you will not show this because you do not want to appear like a corporate prostitute. Fact: most men are psychologically programmed for sex. This has nothing to do with him being nasty, earthly, etc. It is simply when his muscles (part of his testicles that contain sperm) are full; He has a strong lifestyle for having sex. This can be when he goes on a "prowl". It's similar to encouraging you to come around your menstrual cycle.

Who said that most men do intelligent actions to control it. Another reason when some people try to push your hot buttons is to test you. He wants to find out how easy it is to challenge you. Of course if you submit, he will have a good time but you rank in his eyes will fall sharply. Of course if you submit, he will have a good time but you rank in his eyes will fall sharply. What can be done? How to treat this?

1. First, you must be clear about your goals and principles.

a. When do you feel safe to start physical contact. No, I do not mean sex. Handcuffs, kisses, siphon
b. Decide whether you want a good night kiss and what kind of kiss you allow for example peck on cheek, light mouth peck etc.

2. Also, be clear about how many dates or how well you want to know a person before you have sex eg 2.3.4 months or dates. My big suggestion is never to get sex in the first days.

3. If you start to touch yourself in unpleasant places, do not be angry, simply touch your hand and gently, but hold it back on your leg, take it easy to make it feel that you do not feel comfortable doing it at this point.

4. Tell a story of one of your friends who poured a boy lately, fall pregnant and the boy would not know. Explain how cheap and worthless she is now. Emphasize that it's never a great idea for a woman, as it may be just a test.

5. Be sure to be delicious about it all. Hint through your attitude that it's good to have fun and even do things with him but you're not going down (necking, petting and six) the road at this point.

6. If it continues to arise and immediately cancel a date or meeting. Here's an attitude that you should accept when people try to hit you. "Sex is great, but I feel comfortable without being in a safe relationship."

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