Marware iPhone 4 Case Review

Marware has been linked to Apple for a long time. Laptops, iPads, and now for the iPhone 4 laptops. They are very athletic and active for people.

One of the features of the cover provides the capability of jamming the iPhone 4 headset. For this, the rear part has a special accessory that fits well with the iPhone 4's bike, bicycle, and so on. To tighten. This is a creative idea, but there are some disadvantages.

The Marware cover quality can be appreciated. It is made of silicone and is a very smooth surface. The back of the iPhone 4 is hard plastic. This makes the whole design very strong, but the big plus the rear-mounted headphones.

The iPhone 4 interior cover is lightweight. Although you should be careful with plastic inserts or scratches may remain. Only Marware has a complicated mounting system on the back, but switching to another mode of connection is not possible without the small pen or the like. It is difficult to change from the holder and it is annoying.

The rear part is designed to lock and secure the headphones. But I think it's easy, but I think I'm thinking about it if you do not stop and you do not concentrate on this lesson, you can suddenly overturn because you can see a little squeeze for sending me together.

The disadvantage is that screen protection is not the case, and anything can happen. Silicone inserts are slightly different from the sides. I think Marware will improve it.

I used the bag during the week, and frankly, I'm not excited. Although I think you can attract a lot of people, for example, if you wear a phone on your belt or bag, you would like a transformer with different recording modes. You will also love it if you prefer the back cover and the reinforcing headphones on the back.

Offers you a variety of connectivity options at a reasonable price.

The iPhone 4 can stay scratched and cover makes the iPhone 4 a big and heavy one. Wear very many places.

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