Marriage Competing Letter – What You Should and Can not Contain

I recently heard about my wife asking for help in "writing a letter that will help me to reconcile my marriage with my husband." The two raised problems at the same time, but in recent weeks things grew so much that the husband had come to the conclusion that he would go out and ever divorce. So the wife felt that she was putting pressure on something to stop it. She hoped the right letter could do the trick.

I understand the letter's appeal. You can pour out your heart without worrying that you're breaking or stumbling over your words or getting too emotional. Sometimes it's easier to write words than to say. But unfortunately, I find too many times that people have made serious mistakes with this type of email. In the following article, I describe these common mistakes, tell them how to avoid them, and talk about which letter with the highest chances should be included.

Understanding Basic Human Psychology Before Writing a Letter Which Hopefully Harmonizing Marriage: Before you begin, you will be able to understand exactly what you want the letter to achieve. In most cases, people are hoping that correspondence will make it easier for your spouse's wife to rescue marriage. They hope to change the perceptions and feelings of spouses from negative to positive.

To this end, it is important to understand how they will perceive their letters. Probably the biggest mistake people see is that they focus on the letter (not their spouses). The greatest attention is placed on their own feelings and their own fears. Examples of terms like "I do not know what to do if I lose it." Or, "My heart breaks and I pray that we can do this." It is good to spell the terms in question in the letter, but be careful that the entire voice of the letter is not negativity and fear.

It is very important to understand basic human nature and psychology. People point to emotions, things and people that make their position positively and more optimistic. And people go astray and have negative perceptions of the things that bring them down. Make sure your letter is not predominantly negative and is based on dark emotions such as fear, jealousy, or being possessed. Make sure you do not always tell yourself how you feel or what you want.

Remember who the audience is. This is the spouse or other significant. So the letter is mostly about them and what will you do to make things better for both of you. Keep in mind that you want to know what and why things are different. Beautiful words are beautiful, but most people just see this and are most interested in that your business directly affects them.

It's just human nature that people want to know what's in it, not what's right for you. Focus on painting the picture of how you are going to do better things. Of course, this requires that you have a workable plan before you sit down to write the letter. But that's fine because it will never hurt to really think about how to make some real and lasting improvement in marriage.

Your actions are so often yours over time and not the words that are disappearing for the moment. And so often, if your marriage is in trouble, your spouse has some kind of relationship with what to say. So yes, you open a door to doors, but in order to cross the door you usually have to rely on fast, fair and decent action.

Finally, do not think too much about how you will "work" on your marriage. Sometimes, when the spouses hear this expression, it is a very negative picture. Many people do not see what is going on in their emotions, and they face the daylight. In general, you can say the same thing in the same way to make it more attractive.

Many times, we have a better fortune, instead of telling them to "deal with problems" with them, to be in a hot, relaxing and coherent relationship where they existed before. It gives them more to look at them and encourage them to board.

Here's another tip. Men and husbands often respond better to links to improving their physical relationship. They love physical integrity, which means they are attracted to and appreciated. Women or wives want to appreciate it, but emotions usually mean more to them than physical ones (though this is also important for us). Therefore, if you send a letter to your husband, you focus more on your physical relationship, rather than refer to how you will "work" on your problem. In fact, both spouses often want the same things, but often they are presented in a very different way. So it's important to keep these things in mind.

At the end of the day these are empty words on one page. If you do not honor your promises and follow them with action, it's almost as if you do not write the letter because your spouse doubts your sincerity and your job will be much more difficult. But I have seen many carefully written letters, which are the catalyst for marriage agreement, as long as they follow the right steps.

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