Marketing techniques for mobile applications

You've done something wonderful in the work of your class. First of all, congratulations! It was not easy, no doubt. You just need audience, right? However, this is a problem. The craving audience is difficult to find. It's really tough, actually. Its application can easily be burial in the recessed pile, which is a self-published market, laid off because it is not worth the time or worse: it does not seem at all! If you are certain that the only problem is lacking in the audience – that the product is perfect – then the free marketing guide will definitely help.

If you've never seen more on the mobile gaming market (Google Play, App Store, Windows Store), you've seen the clones that occupy it. Each title is a synonym for Clash, Legend, Runner or any bird or animal; the icons are usually a screaming man, a close-up food or a new, classic neon colors. While it is wise to avoid these clichés, the perception is that it will be difficult to emphasize. So, starting with your marketing campaign, start locals. Build a base there; then expand it.

Of course, tell your family and friends. Then –

Leaflets are printed at the bottom. Each app should show the URL of the app. Interested consumers can pull these pages off to remind them of later download. You can find free billboards to store most Laundromats and many grocery stores. In campus campuses, there are usually some bulletin boards. The mouth opening is a good starting point, so think that each sheet is full of new speakers and then tell your friends around the world who can spread the word. In addition, consumers will often be delighted and are more likely to make positive feedback if they believe they will be helping one another – even if it is the whole city. Loyalty to sports teams; will work for its application.

Create a business card when the app is displayed at any time in the conversation. Custom bumper stickers or car magnets are a good way to drive every drive for an ad to travel. Avoid installing flyers under windscreen wipers, as this is more likely to interfere with the operation. A unique T-shirt with the name of the app, imagination, and downloading is another good way to passively promote the walking around the big local events (ballet races, riotous main courses, farmers' markets).

After you spot it, go to the Internet. There is obviously much greater potential audience here. Start blogging on your personal website about the app or the game. Create a YouTube video video and video clip to showcase your work. Also, while sending some emails, create an auto-signature for your name and application or play.

Forums are a good place to find the audience. SlideDB, ModDB, IndieDB and Penny Arcade allow you to submit a post about your game and updates. Reddit is a very popular site, with lower-ranking (less-interested groups) receiving posts on indie games. / r / IndieGaming and / r / freegames are so big, with many followers, but a simple search can lead to a lot more. There are corporate forums for developer software that are used to create the game, where you can share your game. In addition, use social media. Submit it to Twitter, be sure to use the hashtags like #indiedev #gamedev and more specific to your app or game, so you can see your views beyond followers. Tweet with indie game controls for application information. Post Facebook to get in touch with your family and friends and update them; and Instagram, as well as Pinter, using labels again to reach new markets. You can create a press release and send it to press releases, with the hope that journalists will raise the story or send the press release directly to local newspapers or magazines.

Consider not only the mainstream, but also platforms like Google Play. Other such publishing platforms include SlideME, GameJolt, and NewGrounds. Video searchers are also a good idea to create a buzz. ArcadeGo is such a promoter, but countless others can be found by searching for "gameplay" videos. and follow the playlists on your drawer page where you can find them and contact them by email with the review request.

Another free way to get app review websites. Submit your app to all app controls and many of you accept the game or app if they are of a high standard. An overview of applications includes the following great applications: Indie Game Dev, AppsZoom, AppBrain, AppZoom, Indie Game Hunt, and Super Game Droid.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, that's because it is so. The ending of the application or game is only half the battle. The other half is looking for an interested audience. Participation in work and access to these guides, forums and the local community; it will nevertheless help you get more attention than anything.

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