Marketing Research Using Social Platforms

When the term social scene is mentioned, it is the mindset of social media that allows people to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings to their friends, acquaintances, partners or the general public. Top ones include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and much more. The popularity of these sites was because it allowed users to connect with the world and the more important is to connect to everyone in an emotional way.

Emotions are the driving force in the majority of choices people make. It also reduces them to do more or move from something. People are naturally built to share these emotions, as it's essential to connect with people and that's where you can do it at a gallic level. All that people share and talk about whether there is a review of a particular news item or a tendency for the latest gadget to buy. A good example of where to see people becomes emotionally excited about their products is a smartphone review. Take a look at the latest smartphones talking about HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3. You are definitely going to find people who are stubborn to defend their change of purchase on the other hand. Some even struggle to die a competitive reaction to the heating. It's through emotional relationships and identification with these options, thoughts and opinions that drive and affect consumer behavior.

In modern times, create a social platform forum for people to instantly share their feelings with all buttons. One can "Like" something other product is issued to the public. Market research must take into account not only the answers these people make but the emotional consequences that their responses contain by applying attitude analysis. This would be a rather difficult task as an interpretation and the data itself can be quite subjective in nature. Create measurable data from this social forum, however, is a need to answer and a solution needs to evolve quickly. When a market researcher is able to utilize the empirical data that can be deducted from those who use these social venues, specifically determine the emotional impact that these people have on a particular product, thought, opinion, etc. No one would doubt having a double edge of sword that can be treated to let something out or destroy the next rival before it can root.

Computers have been used for this before, now smartphones can even perform automated attitude analysis of digital text. It can even be further improved to show based on a latent semantic analysis to identify a person's personal mental state towards a particular product or goal. Open source tools are currently being developed to help market research analyze all statistical information and work in meaningful information about the attitude of data that is easy to interpret and utilize.

Data will never add up if you just look at the numbers, especially in consumer behavior. if you do not understand and measure emotions involved in consumer decisions and responses, you will not be able to frighten them with thoughts, ideologies, products and people you want them to be attracted to. Understanding what makes people attract someone is certainly one of the most powerful marketing tools that any market researcher could and should have in his arsenal. Believe it or not, there is a market strike out there and if you can not get this done now, someone else will.

Source by Ron Jacobsen

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