Marketing in the App Store

It's always nice to spend millions of dollars in downloading a big marketing budget. It may be traditional advertising, maybe a small TV commercial. Unfortunately, most application developers are not in this situation, and this is usually a budget for a shoemaker, and sometimes they have no money to spend marketing their apps.

So it depends on what traffic you can generate in stores? You have to be very careful to check that the shop is structured to launch a series of experiments. Be prepared to perform more experiments and see what works best. Try it for about a week, and see how it's done and willing to change, which means you have to be very careful about how traffic works and how many people are downloading or using your app.

Many developers change a lot of things at the same time we do not recommend because you can not tell which one works and which one does not. So you can try your strategies at a time, then if it does not work, try another and see how it goes. So be prepared to experiment and make sure that you have carefully controlled experiments and make sure they are steering the right path.

Second, look at the structure of your site and think about the process that a customer is coming to when deciding on your application. Just think people are standing in a row and always losing people out of the line. Maybe they're obsessively interested in the beginning, but now they do not move fast enough and they will either go out or leave the line. And in every moment he betrays customers.

So you have to think about ways to reduce the process by which customers are distorted. How to absorb them as soon as possible? How do you keep them in line? How can you get them in the lobby and install them as quickly as possible to buy their popcorn?

Understand how users search for an application that leads to a list. Make sure it's high on that list. So understand the keywords that users are likely to use to search.

Source by Edgardo Berones

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