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The development of an app is an achievement. With so much time and effort to participate in the whole process of development, testing and launching, you will find a successful marketing strategy the last in the mind of developers.

In the App mark, the problem is abundant. With a wave of mobile apps in various apps in the app, it is not guaranteed that performance is achieved even if your newly-programmed apps have everything & # 39; in it. This is further worsened with the high failure rates of various well-developed apps in app stores. The truth is no matter how great your program is, a good marketing strategy is what totally sells it. Marketing at "Promised Value" # 39; & # 39; can act as a key change.

It is necessary to create a marketing plan for promotion and promotion of trademarks. After all, nobody is downloading an application that's not around.

What is the aim of creating marketing?

1. Introduction to: Even before the program launches, you should present a variety of promotional materials – content development, reviews by various reviewers, inspectors and bloggers and tape designs for advertisements, press releases, etc. The correct medium (portals and versions) can ensure that the presentation is targeted to the right audience. This is facilitated by making online presence through social media. Demo test with the target audience distributes awareness within the correct audience.

2. Optimization of the application: Optimizing the application in the search engine by providing the right keywords in title and description is important so that users can find it easily. Application utilization during the development process should be a necessary step in the App Search query search query. (1)

3. Releasing unique features Early: To grow a user base, it is necessary to release early, which attracts the attention of investors. The release of the main items would help early adoption – set points for a growing user base in the future. Enabling social participation can also lead to increased user centers. Accepted is usually fast if a unique feature is introduced at an early stage. For example, a messenger is able to target 50 or more people on time. (2)

4. Get Discovered – With a plethora of applications in the same market you are running, the highest frequency is necessary to make your presence feel. Audience will know how the program facilitates its task and it is ready to download. Create a landing page and email subscription application for the app. Emphasis should be given to understanding the traffic on the site. A multi-channel marketing strategy such as email marketing, banner ads and viral marketing can help promote programs across various areas. To achieve maximum visibility, the marketing process should continue.

5. Make Your Users Market: It's hard to get top rank in the table but once it's reached, users can use as a marketer for your great app. & Nbsp; Users can use the app share app to distribute branded friends. They can use the application to share content and social media to create a buzz around the application. Relationships can be betrayed through the app portion of the app. Social media can be used to create profiles of targeted users who can participate and repeat with content, value of descriptions, offers and attributes. Once convinced your true marketer for virus marketing for the app. (4)

6. Income Tax: It is important to develop clarity over the income model. Choose the appropriate income model. The application can be paid or initially free of charge and charged later. The various revenue-related permissions for the program that can be viewed include stock options, ads, subscriptions and product / service sales.

7. Retention and Retention: Retaining customers can be as difficult as acquiring them. Pressed notifications appear as a source of user involvement. A solid user experience is necessary to engage and retain customers. Tips on user experience through ratings and reviews on app page / app catalog are certain ways to increase credit, keep current customers and acquire more. Asking people to communicate directly from the app via mail or social media can help build engagement. Negative coverage of bugs, problems, crashes or additional qualifications should be sorted immediately. Successful handling of a user's license understands a happy customer and leads to positive reviews. (5)

Positive reviews increase app credibility as people download apps with higher positive recommendations.

Well-planned introduction of presentation, precision optimization, release of unique early features, increased detection, viruses and positive review with high credibility are some of the killer methods of combating competition and spikes the charts on the market.


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