Marisol Malaret – the first lady of the Universe from Puerto Rico

Born October 13, 1949, Marisol Malaret was the first Puerto Rico who won the prestigious title of Miss Universe in 1970 in Miami, USA. When Malaret won a crown, she received one of the biggest welcome once in her country of origin when she arrived at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

Malaret began working at a young age for the death of his father and his mother. She used to work for a telephone company as secretary secretary. She was said to be convinced by Carmen Andino, artist's representative, to attend the Miss Puerto Rico beauty show. Her wonderful beauty, strong will and perfect ethics made her not only the people favorite but also a crown.

During her reign, Malaret became an unprecedented gossip and entertainment in Puerto Rico and around the world. She also took an active part in numerous advertising campaigns and has been a motivator for encouraging businessmen and young women.

After completing the rule of Miss Universe, Malaret became famous celebrity and hosted his own television show. She, alongside Eddie Miró, held one of the highest rated television shows in the 70s and 80s – Noche de Gala (Gala Night Ball). She also worked as editor of the editor and founded Imagen in 1986, the first magazine of Puerto Rico. In 1992, she founded Caras, which she held until 2002. She also owned the famous La Femme boutique and even opened her own European concert store En Casa.

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