Making Money With iPad

No, it's not about developing an iPad or iPhone application. What I wrote about is reviewing disruptive technology and identifying ways to benefit from them. The introduction of the iPhone was much more than a new piece of hardware and the App Store. It also opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses to sell peripherals, for developers to create new applications, to the market to sell mobile phones, and the list goes on and over. Even after a few years, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to find new ways to make money from the iPhone.

The key is to look at how new technology evolves and how the people who use this technology also develop. For example, one of iPhone's biggest opportunities is to provide a better way for people to find the apps they want from the 140.00+ apps already in the App Store. There are just too many programs for people to sort through. People must make millions find new, new ways to help people find programs. Similarly, a lot of money is made to increase the way your ad is used in these applications. Increased reality and social networking networks will also result in many people becoming rich.

iPad is also going to make people a millionaire. It's powerful new technology and the individuals who take advantage of it in a new way are going to make a lot of money. So take some time and think about ways you can start doing this technique.

Source by Windom Cooper

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