Making Money on iPhone Apps – The 5 Best Tips

Creating iPhone apps is one of the latest ways to make money with minimal investment. If you are new to programming, you must first learn some basics or simply pay someone for production. After programming is organized, you will need guidance on how to transform your ideas into an iPhone app. that people buy it.

Here are some tips to maximize success:

Make sure your application is relevant, easy to use and not too large

A smaller application file will appeal to more customers to run faster and people they also resist purchasing applications that use too much space on their iPhones. Keep in mind, the goal is to make as much money as you use your iPhone. as soon as possible.

Start with the basic version of the application.

Do not give too much bells and whistles right away. Then you will be able to later increase your earnings by releasing a premium version with all the extra features. To allow regular updates, you will also need to add some features to the basic version later.

Submit your app to Apple's web application Directory

The Apple Web Application Library is the most important list that shows the latest apps and will not get much traffic from other directories. You will have to wait for one day after submission, while Apple will review the app to ensure it is working properly. As Apple reviewed the app. appears at the top of the last added list. You'll need to get a lot of hits right away, which means that you've successfully made money from your iPhone app.

Reload your app.

Reload application. all new features, though small. Just fill out the "What's New" part of the resend form. You can put this application list back on top of the library, which will result in more sales. If the app is popular, you may also sell the revised version to some of the people you've purchased in the original.

Always submit and submit an application again on Thursday or Friday.

Apple has not listed new applications this weekend, so listed on Thursdays and Fridays will remain on top of the list this weekend, which is also the most important time to buy.

All these steps will help the iPhone application. exposure and buyers, but only when the product is attractive, practical and easy to use. After having a good idea, you can use the following steps to earn money with your iPhone app.

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