Make life easier with O2 mobile phone networks

O2 is the leading provider of mobile communications services across Europe for 35 million active mobile users. O2 Asia Pacific is a member of the O2 Group, providing services to Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern consumers. These services help to develop business solutions and meet lifestyle needs. Singapore-based network in Malaysia, Korea, and Australia is in office with a Hong Kong sister company.

O2 Connect

O2 is available through GPRS, ActiveSync or Wireless LAN. When you connect the information that the user syncs to the device, read the offline service later. Exclusive applications can increase asset usage. Other applications are built into the many other things you need to use this tool.

O2 Plus

Here, the application manager allows the user to complete the application on the screen today and in the names of currently running applications, such as call forwarding status, alerts, voice profile, tasks and appointment status, has the 7 unique objects added to the Today screen. It supports the name of the network operator and the display of all calls forwarded profiles. Shows the last caller's name and phone number. Meters can display the remaining battery, available storage in the main storage and storage card. It shows the appointment for the next 10 days and can determine the number of line items. This leads to a short cutting of applications.

This dialup application allows both local and overseas quick and easy calling. These devices have reduced the steps and keystrokes required to make phone calls, and a special editor allows you to edit phone numbers. Enhanced dialing lets you intuitively filter contacts to increase dialing speed. IDD prefixes can be stored and card dialing sequences can be added before making a call, thus avoiding the need to continue calling cards. Allows the user to block unwanted calls.

O2 Xda Atom

This is a compact lightweight, 140 gram weight and stylish design. Very ergonomic and brilliantly colored QVGA TFT LCD touchscreen display. With stereo loudspeakers, one-way mono microphone and simple navigation buttons.

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